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Welcome to Grand Prairie Elementary School

Primary grade students, (Pre K, At-Risk, Kindergarten through Grade Two) are housed at the Grand Prairie Elementary School. The original structure of Grand Prairie School was completed in 1996. A new addition was added and opened in the fall of 2002 to accommodate growth in the Frankfort area. In August of 2009 another addition to Grand Prairie Elementary School was built.

School Within a School

Grand Prairie focuses on a "School within a School" concept, with our different colored Learning Communities throughout the building. This was adopted by the District many years ago and has had endless positive outcomes since it was established. By having three communities within the building, students grow academically, socially and emotionally, being a part of their own individual Learning Community from grades K through 2. 

We currently have Green, Purple and Gold Communities within the building. Having kindergarten, first and second grade teachers housed in each colored community strengthens the relationships among all students and the staff assigned to that particular community…hence the “School within a School” approach. Once a student is assigned a community, they will stay within that community their entire Grand Prairie career. We have a well-earned reputation and commitment to foster academic excellence and hands-on learning with our students within each Learning Community.

Grand Prairie Elementary School
10480 Nebraska
Frankfort, Illinois  60423
Phone:  (815)469-3366
School Hours
Project Begin/Early Childhood AM Session 8:20AM to 10:50AM 
Project Begin/Early Childhood PM Session 12:00PM to 2:30PM 
Full Day Kindergarten 8:25AM - 2:50PM 
Grades 1 and 2 8:25AM - 2:50PM

Contact us

10480 Nebraska, Frankfort, Illinois, 60423
Phone (815) 469-3366



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