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Student Engagement Websites

Frankfort 157-C Students & Parents,

During this mandated school closure we would like to provide opportunity for students to remain engaged in learning as much as possible. On this page you will find a variety of free website links that offer learning and practice.  In addition to the links below, each teacher will be providing continuation of learning activities that are pertinent to their class. Please visit your child’s teacher webpage to learn about more learning opportunities that are available.  Thank you for assisting your child in remaining engaged in their learning during this time.

ISBE has added a site for students and parents to continue learning during school closures. The link can be found here.

ISBE Keep Learning Site

ISBE Keep Learning Site

STEM Resources
Zearn allows students to complete independent digital activities which reinforce Eureka math lessons.
Khan Academy Offer practice exercises and instructional videos. There are short lesson in the form of videos. It also includes practice exercises.
Math puzzles, games and worksheets based on skills.
Hundreds of fun educational games and activities for kids to play online, which include math and geography.
Games sorted by skills.  Skills are labeled with grade levels.
Provides educational games and activities sorted by standard.
Computer science for all ages.
Prodigy game.
National Geographic for Kids
Mystery Doug
Mystery Science activities
Maker Stations
ELA Resources
Some sites may require flash to be enabled on your device/browser.
Match the beginning sound of the word with the correct letter.
Match the picture to its beginning letter sounds.
In a game of concentration, match the picture to its beginning letter sound.
Listen to the story in English or Spanish. Finish the sentence and the picture changes to match your choice.
Listen to stories read by famous authors and actors.
WTTW PBS Learning
Create crossword puzzles by entering your own words or play the puzzles that are already provided. Choose puzzles by grade level.
Match the vowel sound in the middle of the word.
Decide which short vowels make a word.
Pick the vowel and categorize the word with the correct chunk.
Scholastic resources
Online stories
Storyline online