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Strategic Planning

Frankfort School District 157-C (FSD 157-C) has long been recognized as an outstanding district in the state of Illinois. Experienced staff members, high-achieving students, supportive family members, comprehensive school programs, and the District’s history of financial stability lay the foundation to continue our tradition of excellence. 
We are committed to providing enriching learning opportunities and cultivating social-emotional and academic skills to propel students into the future. To further advance this important work, we began a strategic planning process in January 2022 with the involvement of students, staff, parents, and community members. 
We are pleased to share the outcome of these efforts by presenting the District’s revised Mission and Vision, Student Profile of Success, and Strategic Plan.
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Strategic Planning

STRATEGIC DIRECTION | ONE Future Growth & Aspirations 


  • Provide a safe and secure environment for our students, staff and community.  
  • Utilize and deploy new technologies in the classroom to enhance instructional engagement and equip students with 21st century skills.  
  • Identify and implement organizational models in our schools to ensure building communities are connected and consistent across the K- 8 grade level spectrum.  





  • Provide a robust support plan that consistently offers professional development and education to all educators.  
  • Monitor the implementation of and assess the effectiveness of the district’s social emotional learning continuum.  
  • Expand and refine opportunities for meaningful extracurricular activities through a variety of student options that appeal to a wide range of interests.  
  • Create and increase parent involvement within the schools by providing proactive, consistent, and personal communication, that allows families to stay informed and connected to their child’s learning.  
  • Embed equitable and inclusive practices to differentiate learning experiences for all students to grow and achieve.  




  • Actively recruit and employ a high-quality, diverse faculty that reflects and accentuates all aspects of the school community.  
  • Support the physical and mental well-being of all staff.  
  • Ensure teacher and staff compensation and benefits are competitive with local trends. 



STRATEGIC DIRECTION | FOUR Resource Stewardship 


  • Safeguard resources by monitoring fund balances and investing in operational needs that support the student profile of success, inclusive of retaining high quality educators to promote continued student success.  
  • Maintain integrity with shortand long-term financial obligations inclusive of collective bargaining agreements and longterm debt that align with the Board’s financial philosophy.  
  • Promote literacy and transparency through continued financial updates and communication.  


STRATEGIC DIRECTION | FIVE Community Engagement 


  • Create opportunities for families to provide feedback, share parent perspectives, and give input on District decision-making processes.  
  • Provide parent workshops or educational opportunities regarding student learning goals and District initiatives.  
  • Establish a districtwide communication plan that fosters consistency, collaboration, and transparency.  
  • Foster districtwide relationships with local organizations within the Lincoln-Way area to enhance student learning.  
  • Develop opportunities for FSD 157-C students to have a voice in direction of their learning.