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School Closing Information

In the event of an emergency school closing the following procedure will take place:


  •    District 157-C will initiate the "SchoolMessenger" notification system to all parents/guardians. This system itself will simultaneously transmit a recorded message informing you of a school closing. Please be mindful that there is a 5-second delay when answering the phone before receiving the recorded message - DO NOT HANG UP.
  •   Parents will also receive an Email notifying them of the school closings. If you wish to have the number or Email address changed which the system uses, please call your school office.
  •   This information can also be located on the District website, as well as the Television and Radio stations listed below.
  •   In the event that any parent is uncertain about the emergency closing they may call the school their child attends to receive a recorded message indicating that schools are closed.

The safety of our children is very important. We ask that children keep from playing in snow banks along the road. Large piles of snow may be enticing but children may tumble onto the road in front of buses, cars or snow plows.


  • WGN 720
  • WBBM 780


  • CBS Channel 2
  • NBC Channel 5
  • ABC Channel 7
  • WGN Channel 9
  • FOX Channel 32
  • CLTV News


In the event the superintendent calls for an e-learning day in lieu of a non-attendance day, students will attend school virtually.  Please see the FSD 157-C e-Learning Plan for details.