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This Week in Class:

Monday: Math-Mod 3 Lesson 34
               ELA- Begin Informational Text
                How to Save a Baby Elephant. 
               Social Studies- Grow #13 
Tuesday: Math-Module 3 Lesson 35
                ELA- RI4.1
                Social Studies-Grow # 13
                Begin Southeast Region  
Wednesday: Math-Mod 3 Lesson 36  
                    ELA:  RI 4.1 
                    SS-Grow # 13 due Friday 
                    Southeast Region 
Thursday: Math: Mod 3 Lesson 37             
                SS. Grow #12 due tomorrow. Southeast 
                ELA: Do Balloons hurt the Environment 
Friday:   Math: Mod 3 Formative H Review for Test Monday & Tuesday 
              SS. Grow #13 Due today