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About Me

Hello, I am Jason Hess and I will be teaching 8th grade ELA for the second semester.  I have been teaching for six years and love my new home here at Hickory Creek. I have previously taught ELA and writing. 
The weekly overview can be seen here and assignments and homework are posted on TEAMS. Your child's grades can be viewed in PowerSchool. You can contact me at jhess@fsd157c.org
Selecting novels to read:  In an effort to build passionate readers, we continue to build classroom libraries in which students have choice over the texts they select. There may be books in libraries that are identified by publishers as “young adult” due to the fact that our students are young adults. With that being said, “young adult” books are considered appropriate for up to 18 years of age. Please discuss with your children any parameters that you would like for them to follow as they choose texts from our classrooms.