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About Our Buildings

Grand Prairie Elementary

The original structure of Grand Prairie Elementary School was completed in 1996 with 76,598 square footage. A new addition was added and opened in the fall of 2002 to accommodate growth in the Frankfort area. In August of 2009, another addition to Grand Prairie Elementary School was built. Grand Prairie is currently our second largest school at 150,071 square feet housing over 800 students from Pre-K through 2nd Grade.


Chelsea Intermediate School

The original Chelsea Intermediate School located on Willow Street was constructed in 1965, with additions made in 1970 and 1972. This building was sold in June of 2007 to the Lincoln-Way Area Special Education Cooperative 843, and grades three through five were moved to the original Hickory Creek Middle School located on 80th Avenue. This school has since been renamed Chelsea Intermediate School. The structure was originally constructed in 1974 covering 37,411 square feet, with the addition of a new gym and walkway connecting two separate buildings in 1995 adding another 22,052 square feet. Since then, the building has undergone a renovation that allowed for the addition of several classrooms and a Fine Arts Wing. Most recently, the school has added on a new addition including a multipurpose room and nine classrooms. This project also included a complete renovation of the site around the building to increase parking and transportation procedures for the school. Chelsea is our smallest school at 134,425 square feet and a little over 800 students from 3rd grade through 5th grade.


Hickory Creek Middle School

Hickory Creek Middle School has a long and rich history in the Frankfort Community Consolidated School District 157-C. The original school was located on 80th Avenue. This structure was originally constructed in 1974, with additions in 1995. In August 2006, the new Hickory Creek Middle School, located on 116th Avenue, was opened. Hickory Creek is our largest school at 232,000 square feet, housing over 900 students from 6th grade through 8th grade.