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Ms. Manning's Class

Weekly agendas are posted to right under each specific class and on Teams.


Note about the 2020-2021 School Year:

No doubt this is truly a unique and challenging year, but if my time in this district has taught me anything, it is that we rise to challenges set before us. I am dedicated to ensuring that all of my students have a safe learning environment in which they can succeed.   


For in person learners, I will continue to operate digitally as much as possible. Agendas will be posted daily on Teams and most assignments will be digital - most of the time the assignment will be linked directly under that days agenda on Teams. If a student needs to be out of school for an extended period of time, either because they have tested positive or were exposed, I will be in touch about how to support your child. Some days this may be communication with the student via the Teams chat and other times I may ask the student to join a live meet during that class period. I will always do my best to respond and grade quickly, but I ask for your patience (on behalf of all teachers) as we manage new and extra responsibilities that come with this COVID year. 


Thank you so much Frankfort parents and community members for all of your continued support. It does not go unnoticed. I truly believe that I work in the best school community. 

Selecting novels to read:  In an effort to build passionate readers, we continue to build classroom libraries in which students have choice over the texts they select. There may be books in libraries that are identified by publishers as “young adult” due to the fact that our students are young adults. With that being said, “young adult” books are considered appropriate for up to 18 years of age. Please discuss with your children any parameters that you would like for them to follow as they choose texts from our classrooms.