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Mrs. Holthouse 2020-2021

Welcome to our class web page! I am so happy to have your child as a part of my Holthouse Hero crew! Please use this website to keep up with the latest updates in our classroom. On this web page you will find a weekly schedule with a general outline for instruction. Please keep in mind that instruction & homework may vary or change throughout the week based on student needs and understanding. I know this school year is going to be different, but I look forward to partnering with families to make it the best year ever for our kids!
Week at a Glance: March 1st-5th
This week we will begin our new informational unit in which we will describe the connections we see in a text, as well as the relationship between historical events, scientific concepts, or step in a procedure. We will also continue to use context clues to determine the meaning of unknown words in a text. (RI 3.3, 3.4, 3.8)
This week we will read the story, "Bat Loves the Night," and focus on the sequence connections in the text.
Mod 5, Lessons 5-9
This week we will continue working with fractions. We will identify unit and non-unit fractions, as well as use number bonds to understand fractions.
We will continue our new unit on fairytales! This week we will focus on creating the problem and solution of our story.
*Science: 🧪
We will begin our new unit, "Animals Through Time."

*Governor Pat Quinn signed Erin's Law in January of 2013, which requires all schools in the state of Illinois to provide age appropriate sexual abuse and assault awareness and prevention education programs for students in grades Pre-K through 12. Our lessons  3rd grade students will begin the week of February 1st. The Chelsea Intermediate School Social Workers will be teaching each lesson in the child’s classroom. The "Think First and Stay Safe" program will be the curriculum utilized for these lessons with a focus on Child Lures.  


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