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Welcome to Seventh Grade English Language Arts

Thank you students and parents for being so calm and positive during these difficult times in our world.  I will continue to use the Teacher web-page and Microsoft Teams to communicate with students on their engaged learning during their 7th grade year.  In addition, the district has put together meaningful websites for students to utilize while they are home and you can find them under the tab "Student Engagement Websites".


Mrs. Fletcher

Week of March 1st - 5th 
What is more important the journey or the destination?
Monday, March 1st 
*  1st and 3rd Period: Continue to read your library/independent book that you checked out today based on the quarter essential question.  You all did a nice job today!!!
*  8th Period: Navigating Early read pages 84-102.  During reading update your Reader's Notebook and be ready for discussion tomorrow. 
Tuesday, March 2nd  
* 1st and 3rd Period:  Reread the primary source of Paul Revere's Ride and answer the questions on "Track Revere's Ride".  Finally, go into TEAMS and complete the Comparison Chart for the Revere's Own Account primary source.
*  8th Period:  Reading Information Outcome Assessment will be on Thursday!  Complete the questions for the informational text, "How Autism Freed Me To Be Myself", that we closely read in class today.
Wednesday, March 3rd 
*  1st and 3rd Period: Paul Revere's Ride article (Source 2)- closely read the article, fill out the analysis graphic organizer, answer the questions and complete the Comparison Chart in TEAMS.
8th Period:  Navigating Early- read pages 103-121 and update the Figurative Language and Significant Text assignments in TEAMS.
Reading Information Outcome Assessment will be TOMORROW!  Be sure to have a highlighter, pencil/blue or black pen!
Thursday, March 4th  
*  1st and 3rd Period:  "Paul Revere's Ride" written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow- Read 4 different times with the purpose of the SIFTing strategy each time.  Use a different color for each part of the strategy.  DUE TUESDAY
*  8th Period:    
Friday, March 5th 
*  1st and 3rd Period:  Continue read your independent novel for your book talk!
*  8th Period:  READ!