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Mrs. Clousing


B Day


6th Grade: OG Group/Journal Entry, Chapter 1 Questions-Watson's then read Ch 2 & 3                           


7th Grade: OG group/Journal Entry, Quiz over Chapter 1 Book 3, Cont. reading 2-4




A Day

6th Grade: Compe/Newsela, Quiz on Chapters 2 & 3, Cont. with Questions of chapter 2 & 3. Read ch 4


7th Grade: Compe/Newsela, Quiz over Chapters 2-4, Cont. reading





E-Learning Planning Day: No School




B Day


6th Grade: OG/Journal Entry: Character Trait/Chapter Summary



7th Grade: Newsela/ Summative over Fugitive Factor, Compare and Contrast Writing between book 1 & 2.




A  Day


6th Grade: OG Groups/Journal Entry, Cont. in Watson's & packet; Quiz over ch 1,

 Summary Writing over chapter 2



7th Grade: OG Groups/Journal Entry, 6 Way Paragraph, Scope Article