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7B Social Studies


Happy School Year! It's nice to meet you! 


I am beyond excited to be an educator in the Frankfort district, the very district I grew up in! Being apart of this community and school is personal to me.

About me professionally-I attended Kansas State University where I studied history earning my Bachelor’s degree, few years later I then completed my Master’s in Teaching. Becoming a teacher was always my endgame but prior to starting at Hickory Creek as an educator I served as an officer in the United States Army (Hooah)!


When I am not in the classroom I am outside on an adventure, doing something active, drinking coffee (Sbux) and reading a history book, or spending quality time with my son and German Shepherd Dog! 




Assignments and homework will be updated and published daily on the whiteboard in the classroom and on the class Microsoft Teams general post page. Students and guardians please check here if you/ your student is absent or have questions about assignment due dates and summative dates.            

 At the middle school level, students should begin advocating for themselves and speaking to their teacher directly about concerns. If a student has a concern they can contact me via Teams Chat, email, or in person. Additionally, if there is a concern that I need to address with a student, I will first speak with them before reaching out to the parents/guardians. 


For parents, email is the more efficient form of communication because I have more time to address your concerns. I am available for calls throughout the school day from 7:20-7:40 and 2:10-2:35pm.


Families we are in this together please do not hesitate to reach out with your concerns! 

[email protected] 
Phone: 815 469 4474



Every day students will need:

  • Positive attitude 😊
  • Charged computer
  • Planner
  • Bluebook ( U.S. Constitution & IL Government Unit)
  • Pencil/pen
  • Highlighters
  • Notebook/paper/binder/folder for notetaking and materials



Quarter 1: U.S. Geography, Intro to Economics, Colonization of America.
Skill: Constructing essential questions.

Quarter 2: Veterans Day Service Project, French & Indian War, American Revolutionary War, History of U.S. Constitution.
Skill: Taking informed action in the local community 

Quarter 3:U.S. government, U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, & Amendments.

Skill: Evaluating and using credible sources. 

Quarter 4: Washington's through Monroe Presidencies. War of 1812, Illinois history & State Constitution.
Skill: Developing arguments and using credible sources as evidence.