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Mrs. Garrett's ELA Page

7th grade ELA

Hi everyone! Welcome to our 7B family!  Since I began my teaching career over twenty years ago, I have worked with thousands of wonderful students with unique backgrounds, interests, learning styles, and educational needs. Along the way, I have learned that every student is special, every student has value, and every student wants to succeed. I look forward to helping you find that success.  Let’s have a great year! 


Please visit our Microsoft Teams ELA page for our daily goals, agendas, and assignments. Past agendas are also posted on the CHANNEL section of our ELA Teams page. 

1st-period block 7:45 to 9:12

3rd-period block  9:15 to 10:40

8th-period block 12:41 to 2:10


ELA Team Message

In an effort to build passionate readers, we continue to build classroom libraries in which students have a choice over the texts they select. There may be books in libraries that are identified by publishers as “young adult” due to the fact that our students are young adults. With that being said, “young adult” books are considered appropriate for up to 18 years of age. Please discuss with your children any parameters that you would like for them to follow as they choose texts from our classrooms.