Hickory Creek Drama Club Participates in IESA Regional Speech Contest

IESA announced the 2021 Regional Speech Contest Judge's Choice Award winners and 13 Hickory Creek performances were selected as "best acts" of the contest by the section room judges. Congratulations to the following students: Giovanna Quilico, Eleni Xenidis, Audrey Gleason, Ellie Labuda, Anna Podlesak, Mason Spencer, Laney Feil, Machenzie Bacha, Nia Evans, Madilyn Wade, Alaina Steele, Ella Peters, Molly Reidy, Alison Melone, Meha Patel, Kelsey Multak, Amber Saldok, Sophia Arcos, Lila Kemerer, Keira Walsh, and Ava Venable. Giovanna Quilico, and Eleni Xenidis each received two Judge's Choice Awards for the evening.