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Grades 3, 4, and 5: 9:05AM - 3:30PM
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Jonathan Skopek's STEM results: Do people walk faster with their hands by their side or hands swinging? 

Hands swinging and walking 100 feet: 19.6 seconds       16%quicker

Hands at side and walking 100 feet: 23.4 seconds


Week of March 16: Please see the download for Encore and PE Bingo Activities to do while you are at home. Stay Healthy. 

Week of March 23: Look for my video in the next newsletter and engineer parachutes! Take a peek at Mrs. Newman's teacher page for the STEAM night video she created with all the pictures she took!

Week of March 27: Spring Break!

Week of April 6: Check out "This Week in Class" section

Week of April 13: Please look at the 3rd,4th, and 5th grade remote learning plans.

Week of April 20: Please look at the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade remote learning plans. 

Weeks of April 27-May 25: please look at the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade remote learning plans.


 Welcome to the 2019/2020 school year! I am super excited to teach STEM this year.

"STEM is about moving forward, solving problems, learning, and pushing innovation to the next level." Jonathan Gerlach

What is STEM? It is practicing what real scientists do. It is an experience that encompasses Science concepts, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It is where students will learn "How to Learn". It is where students will become better Science citizens. It is a place where it is safe to take risks and learn more from what we do wrong than what we do right.

This year In Chelsea STEM...

Third Graders will learn to ask testable questions, engineer 3 products, test their product and then redesign to make their product better. With all of that they will also collaborate, share materials and communicate their results.

Fourth graders will be introduced to the Illinois Math and Science Academy's FUSION program called You Be the Judge. This program will introduce students to the basic principles involved in chemistry, the application of chemistry as well as the process skills required to create and carry out meaningful investigations. Students will experience the concepts in a lab setting and then have a chance to apply their knowledge and lab skills in a variety of simulations. Students will identify problems, develop methods of testing, and conduct the tests. After gathering, analyzing, and interpreting results, students will make and share evidence based on decisions in a variety of settings. 

Fifth graders will be introduced to the Illinois Math and Science Academy's FUSION program called Dive In: Oceanographic Engineering. Students will be engaged in identifying problems in the ocean, designing, testing and evaluating potential solutions pertinent to the ocean. Fifth graders willuse real world data, develop an awareness of engineering opportunities provided by the ocean and gain a global perspective on the importance of the oceans. 

Improve your keyboarding! Go to the Cool Link Typing Instructor Username is your first and last name Password is Typing Example Username: ColleenJozaitis Example Password: typing 


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This week in class


Optional Activities Chemistry Day: Chemical Changes Click onto this fun website and with the help and supervision of an adult try one of the experiments. Watch the videos included. Send me pictures of you and your family exploring chemical changes! Click on Chemical Changes link below


Optional Activities Imagineering in a Box Imagineering in a Box is designed to pull back the curtain to show you how artists, designers and engineers work together to create theme parks. Go behind the scenes with Disney Imagineers and complete project-based exercises to design a theme park of your very own. Click on Imagineering in a Box link below and watch all the clips to learn how to create your own theme park. OR Packing for Mars Print out this document, read about Mars and complete the engineering activity and think critically. See remote learning plan.


Optional Activities Product testing: 1. Choose 3 to 5 different brands of the same kind of product. For example find 3 to 5 different kinds of tape around your home. masking tape, duct tape, electrical tape 2. Develop a question to investigate. It should be testable in the sense that you will measure something. 3. Gather the materials you will need. 4. Hypothesize or predicted an answer to your question. 5. Make a list of steps or procedures you will follow. 6. Complete your testing, record your data and observations in a chart. 7. Share your results with others. I'd love to see pictures.


Optional Activities Watch my video of insulated tumblers product testing. Link below. Engineering Design Process:State a Problem, brainstorm and design your idea, engineer and build, test your product, redesign to improve the product and test again, and finally communicate your results Using the engineering design process create a prototype of a tool to help you pick up your toys without bending or squatting. With your parents permission use materials around your home. Take pictures and share them with me.


Optional Activities Scratch Coding Watch the introduction tutorial first to become familiar with this program. 4th and 5th graders might need to refresh their memories. Then watch a few other tutorials and code away. Ask your parents to start an account so you can save your work. Click on Scratch Coding link below

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Cool Links

  • African American Scientists : https://webfiles.uci.edu/mcbrown/display/faces.html
  • Chemical Changes : https://owlcation.com/stem/hands-on-experiments-to-learn-about-chemistry
  • ComEd STEM : http://ceco.electricuniverse.com/
  • Cyberchase : http://pbskids.org/cyberchase/
  • Dr. Universe : https://askdruniverse.wsu.edu/
  • Engineering Go For It : http://www.egfi-k12.org/
  • Exploratorium : http://www.exploratorium.edu/explore
  • Illinois Math and Science Academy : https://www.imsa.edu/
  • Imagineering in a Box : https://www.khanacademy.org/humanities/hass-storytelling/imagineering-in-a-box?CMP=ILC-DPFY19Q4wo080
  • makerspace ideas : https://teachergeek.com/blogs/projects/teachergeek-document-master-log
  • Makey Makey : https://makeymakey.com/blogs/how-to-instructions/apps-for-plug-and-play
  • Makey Makey Invent : https://makeymakey.com/pages/how-to#
  • MAkeyMakey Bongos : makeymakey.com/bongos
  • Ms. Jozaitis's Product Testing Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWqu7cLOrTU&t=1s
  • NASA for kids : http://www.nasa.gov/audience/forstudents/index.html
  • Ozobot Coding : www.ozoblockly.com
  • PBS lab : http://pbskids.org/lab/show/stem-video-game-challenge/
  • Science Buddies : http://www.sciencebuddies.org/
  • Scratch Coding : scratch.mit.edu
  • Stem Works : http://stem-works.com/
  • Tynker : https://www.tynker.com/
  • Typing Instructor : http://fsd157c.v2.typinginstructorkids.com/
  • Typing Instructor Username: FirstnameLastname Password:Typing : http://fsd157c.v2.typinginstructorkids.com/

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