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Grades 3, 4, and 5: 9:05AM - 3:30PM
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Tueday, May 26th, 2020 



State floats from Sophia, Dean, Summer, Jade, Megan, Morgan, Evan, Kylie and Aydin are on the Float Padlet.  Great work designers.  I wold love to see more on the padlet!  Share them with me on office or send in an emal.

Don't foget to have fun with your Virtual Memory Yearbook. 

Don't forget to share your state powerpoint with me in office.  If you did an actual float take pictures and you can also share them with me. I added three new PowerPoints today. We only have maybe 7 floats / PowerPoints.  Keep sending them in!

A link to the fourth grade State Float Padlet can be found in Mr. Wernet's Student Newsletter.

All desks and lockers are cleaned up and supplies were put into the student boxes.  The district has sent out the pick up times and dates in the newsletter.

If students have teacher books, clasroom items or Chelsea library books please bring them in on the day you are picking up desk supplies. 

I am very sad that I cannot finish the adventuer we started together.  I am very proud of all of my students and loved seeing them grow and mature into amazing Chelsea Tigers.  I am also happy I do get one more year to observe them as 5th graders and watch them show off everything they learned.  So, our adventure is not quite over yet.  Keep working hard on the remote learning and always do your best. 

Summer Learning Activities for Students

The district will be sharing some summer learning resources soon. 4th grade teachers have put together a few summer learning resources for students and families. It can be found in my Download Section, it's called "Summer Learning Activities". It’s completely optional, however, it’s specific to 4th grade and would serve as great review and reinforcement of the skills and topics we’ve learned this year. All online student accounts will remain open and active to student use over the summer. Students are also encouraged to check my teacher page. There are many links for math, ELA, typing, and more in the Cool Links section. 

One Book One Summer

Students will receive a copy of the novel “The Miraculous Adventure of Edward Tulane” by Kate DiCamillo iwhen they pick up their supplies in June. In the month of July, activities will be shared that will enrich the story. We hope that you will join us in a united reading of this awesome book!

Chelsea Library Book Return

Please be prepared to return all library books and audio books to the school library when you come to pick up your child's / children's materials in June.  Mrs. Meszaros will email families by the end of May with a list of materials that are checked out to your children.  If you have any questions you can email her at

On your pick up day please dont forget to drop off any Mr. Van books or classroom items your child borrowed.

Class Zoom Meetings 

We are done with our classroom school year zooms.  I had interest from the students to have summer Zooms once in a while to catch up.  I am checking into that with Mr. Wernet.


Reviewing over the summer will for sure keep students ready for 5th grade. Please practice the skills with fun websites and summer learning activities shared in the downloads section.

ELA -- Heroes

I hope you enjoyed the Heroes Unit.  We read about many Myths and Legends and were introduced to all the differerny  We will continue with The Lighting Thief which is our novel for the quarter.  Please try to keep up with the reading and the mini myths.  Remember to do the charts and assignments that go along with the myths.  Keep track of characters, setting and what is the lesson that can be learned from each myth.   

Science: Energizing Everything: Energy, Motion, & Electricity

This introductory energy unit will encourage students to think about the energy that things need to move. Students will explore how energy makes things go, from powering vehicles to moving one’s body. Students will experiment with rubber bands to discover the relationship between how much energy is stored in a material and how much is released. They will investigate the role that hills play in making roller coasters move and the energy transfer that happens when two objects collide. Students will realize that thinking about the world in terms of energy helps them make sense of how and why things speed up and slow down. Hands-on activities focus on engineering, testing hypotheses and using results to develop their ideas.

Social Studies- The State Research / Powerpoint project.

Feel free to send me any more state float pics or Power Points when you finish them.  I will continue to add them when I get them. If you share a Power Point please share with me in office so I can put them on the 4th grade Padlet.

3rd & 4th Quarter Grades

Concerning grading, The grade book has been updated with a  “RL Pass” for the third and fourth quarter. This is the Remote Learning code.  

Please continue to send me messages, notes, and pictures if you would like. They make my day!  I had fun talking with some of you and your parents this week. I will continue to make calls and hope to catch up with everyone.

Virtual Lesson Plans 

 If you need the Virtual Lesson plans from the past please look in the downloads section of my website or the district website. If you download these PDFs,  you will have a daily outline for the week. As a PDF, all the hyperlinks are active. 

Students will have codes for websites they may use at home. 

Those sites we are using are Zearn, Freckle, Prodigy, Epic, Nearpod, Scholastic, Storyworks and Super Science.  If anyone can't get in please email me and I'll assist you via email.  I will be checking my email many times a day so please do not hesitate to contact me over the weeks we're out.  

A quick note on prodigy.  The students may be working below grade level.  They took a placement test and they were assigned a starting point.  This is an adaptive game.  By playing the students will review skills and move up as they play.

The access/codes/passwords info are below  Here are most of them:

Class Codes

Zearn---Class Code: NV3B2Y (Students have individual login/password...they know this)

Freckle---Class Code: hjswga (First name, last initial...Bill H, Mary K, etc.)

Prodigy---   Class Code: A4E568 (Students have individual usernames and passwords)

Epic---Class Code: inc3096 (They should then just have to choose their name)

Scholastic---Go in "As A Student"...Class Code: chtigers4

Storyworks---Go in "As A Student"...Class Code: tigerpride4

Super Science---Go in "As A Student"...Class Code: tigerpride4

Brainpop  username chelsea157c  password frankfort

Don't forget to just read.  The students had the chance to check out a bunch of books.  First of all keep track of the books and second when you finish the book write it down.  These books can be counted for the 40 book challenge.  Also, on the book list keep track of the books genre so we can log it in. 

Please be on the lookout for e-mail blasts from the district that will answer questions as we move along though the next few weeks.   

2020 - 2021 Student Placement

Parents,  If you are interested in providing information for next years classroom placement please use this link below.  An email blast was sent out on Monday with this link also attached. : Survey Link HERE

The only parent input that will be taken is from the parent answers on the Survey Monkey link.  Again you can find the link above or on the email blast that was sent out on Monday.

IAR Practice Links

Practice tests at

Zearn / Math

You can continue to use ZEARN at home to help prep for the remainder of our module. If you are having issues logging on to ZEARN please let me know.  The class code is NV3B2Y if neded.  When using Zearn make sure I am your listed teacher.  Some students are loging into the third gade account.  Please review and stay on track with homework.

For help on the zearn lessons please feel free to search for Eureka 4th grade math module one lesson ____.   You will find videos from a man named Dwane H.  He will go over some problmes to help the students on their homework.

Microsoft Office.

Don't forget in ELA all students have a microsoft office account.  All students log in should be 24 then first initial of first name and then lastname followed by  an example would be  The student 500 number is the password if asked.  Students can log in to work on any writing they have going at the time.


The 40 Book challenge is going awesome . This is a challenge for my ELA Class only. The challenge is to read 10 books a quarter from different genre's. The sheet explains how things work. I need to have the check in / record sheet at school other wise I can't check in any books. All books need to be checked in by me and then the final check in is with me also. Mini book reports may be required. This reading can be done at school during DEAR time, class time or at home during the 20 minutes of required nightly reading.

Nightly reading for 20 Minutes during the week.

This week in class


Please see Virtual Lesson Plans in downloads.


Please see Virtual Lesson Plans in downloads.


Please see Virtual Lesson Plans in downloads.


Please see Virtual Lesson Plans in downloads.


Please see Virtual Lesson Plans in downloads.

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Cool Links

  • 50 states :
  • A - Z Animals :
  • Animal Fact Guide. com :
  • Bio Expedition (Animal Research) :
  • Fact Zoo :
  • Front Rowed Reading, Math and Writing Practice :
  • Great math and reading games :
  • Great Minds (Eureka Math) :
  • IAR Practice 2019 :
  • Math Games :
  • Multiplication Flash Card Game :
  • Multiplication Practice :
  • Multiplication Practice :
  • Myths and Legends :
  • National Geographic :
  • National Geographic for Kids :
  • National Wildlife Federation :
  • net state :
  • Newsela :
  • Place the states :
  • Research Website (Buzzle) :
  • Scholastic Learn at Home. :
  • Science Text :
  • Social Studies Text :
  • Student Research Site :
  • Text Structure Practice :
  • Typing Games :
  • Typing Games :
  • Typing Games :
  • Typing Games :
  • Typing Instructor :

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    2020 Virtual Memory Book
    Eureka Module 1 Parent tips
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    Eureka Module 4 Student Workbook Pages
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