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Welcome summer!

Happy summer everyone!  As we begin our summer I wanted to let you know that if you would lilke your child to continue working on 4th grade curriculum, there are a few resources still available.  In your supply boxes, you will find the Module 4 and Module 7 math workbooks.  Your child can continue and complete Module 4 from where we left off last week.  Module 7 is the final math unit, and you will have those workbooks as well.  Duane Haybecker has an excellent set of videos on YouTube that instruct and demonstrate the "Homework" sets of each lesson in the modules.  You can find these by going to YouTube, searching:

Duane Haybecker, 4th Grade, Module 4, Lesson ___ (fill in whichever lesson you are on)

In addition, Zearn is set to Module 4 and the lessons are synchronized to the lessons in Eureka- so if your child is on lesson 8 in Eureka, then they should work on lesson 8 on Zearn- HOWEVER- your child will have to complete each lesson to get to the next one on Zearn.  I can move them up a module, but not lesson by lesson.  If you chose to do this for Module 4, email me when your child is done with 4 and I will move them to Module 7.

Prodigy is also updated to Module 4- Geometry skills, so this is also an option for practice.  Prodigy does not teach however, so it is more for repetition rather than new learning.

Khan academy also has an excellent, free set of lessons that match with Eureka Math skills- this is a little higher level, but another great resource to keep your child engaged and fresh this summer.

READ, READ, READ!  Parents ask all the time- what can I do for my child with ELA this summer? READ! I love the "Goodreads" site for book suggestions and the library has a top-notch young readers department that will always help with levels and interests.  On top of this WRITE, WRITE, WRITE! Keep a journal or diary, have your child hand write some letters to friends or family or ME! I'm happy to give my address, just email me- snail mail is actually a lot of fun.  Also, the cursive handwriting books that we just started at school will be in their supply boxes.  Feel free to work on those throughout summer as well.  Freckle and EPIC will also still be activated over the summer, your child can jump on that site and do some reading as well.

Finally, all the links to our weeks of remote learning lessons are still active on my webpage, so feel free to go back to any of those to review or do any lessons you'd like.  I hope you all spend lots of time outside, being curious about the earth and maybe even find a new passion!  The flipgrid link is still active if you'd like to visit or add a video.  PLEASE don't hesistate to send an email with any questions or news.


Mrs. Venable

  • Storyworks code: chtigers4

  • Epic class code: cph2834 (remember first name and last initial)

  • Freckle: hhtc6t (first name and last initial)

  • Zearn and Prodigy passwords are on the inside cover of your assignment book- if lost, please email me.



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