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Doug Wernet

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Grades 3, 4, and 5: 9:05AM - 3:30PM
Early Dismissal: 12:05 p.m.

Hi Students and Families,

Chelsea teachers have packed up the contents of your child's desk and locker.  They were placed in a box labeled with their name and you will be able to pick it up in the South Gym at Chelsea in June.  The system will be as follows:  June 8th (last names A-H), June 9th (last names I-P) and June 10th (last names Q-Z).  You'll get more specific details from The DIstrict/Administration soon.  All student property is in their box.  Inside the box will be the following:

--Contents Of Their Desk

--Contents Of Their Locker

--Letter From Mr. Wernet and Ms. Newcomb With A Free Novel

--FSP School Supply Order Form For Next Year

--Time Capsules We Created In September (they know what this is)

--Report Card For The Year

--Eureka Math Module 4 Student Workbook 

--A Small Good-Bye Memory Folder From Me

Upon unpacking the boxes at home; please return any books/materials that belong to me or the Chelsea School Library when you can. 

This week (May 18-22) will be the last week of Remote Learning and our Zoom conferences.  Summer "officially" starts Friday, May 22nd.  However; there will be some optional summer lessons available for the students.

In addition to this week's lessons/instructional videos; there is also a Virtual Memory Book this week where students can type into the text boxes, print out for a memory, send back to me, etc. Lastly, there are some optional summer activities as well.  All of this is in my "DOWNLOADS" section.  Please check them out!!

I will be conducting our last whole class Zoom Conference this Tuesday, May 19th.  The District assigned each K-5 teacher a specific day and time to administer the whole class Zoom.  This was done to avoid conflict of those families with multiple children and their teachers double/triple booking Zooms.  I will send out my Zoom invite link on each Monday for the Tuesday conference (3:00-3:25 or so). This will replace the one-on-one phone calls I've been making each week.  However; if you can't make the whole class Zoom Conference; I will call you.  The purpose of the phone calls is to see how your are doing and making sure there aren't any problems with the Remote Learning Plan for the week and that you have full access.  This whole class Zoom Conference is not meant to be instructional or academic.  The focus will be to see all of our faces as a class, talk, play a couple games, catch up, etc.  Please try to be available at the designated time/day as I can only do one whole class Zoom Conference a week.  Again, I will send the Zoom link invitation on each Monday for the Tuesday Zoom.

Week of 5/18-5/22:

Please see "VIRTUAL LESSONS FOR WEEK OF 5/18-5/22" in my "DOWNLOADS" section on my webpage.  Again, this week you will see some videos from Duane Habecker (the Eureka Math Master) as well as some Chelsea 4th Grade Teachers so you can see some familiar faces.  There is also a Virtual Memory Book this week where students can type into the text boxes, print out for a memory, send back to me, etc. Lastly, there are some optional summer activities as well.  All of this is in my "DOWNLOADS" section.  Please check them out!!

These resources will be available on the District Main Site too, but we are encouraging our families to continue to visit our TEACHER WEBPAGES in the "DOWNLOADS" section. There you will find the weekly PowerPoints with the links in a more student friendly layout. But on the District Main Page you'll have all the same 4th Grade lessons, links and videos (K-8 actually) plus all the other links, lessons and videos from the Encore Staff (Art, Stem, PE, Music, Spanish, etc.) All the PowerPoints will be labeled with the week/date so you can follow along each week/day or revisit activities that were missed in past weeks. 

I have the entire Eureka Module 6 and Module 4 Student Workbooks in my "DOWNLOADS" section. 

We highly encourage students to participate in these learning activities when possible. Most of the learning will be new concepts and topics we have not learned before. In these cases, video lessons will be made available for students so they can learn at their own pace. The fourth grade teachers are working hard to ensure the activities mirror what would normally be happening in our classrooms at this time while also understanding that this situation is not school. Our goal is that the activities are approachable, meaningful, and as engaging as they can be for students.

As a district, all QUARTER 3 AND QUARTER 4 grades have been given the grade of "RL Pass" (Remote Learning Pass) in PowerSchool.  Due to the end of Quarter 3 ending abruptly and not all assessments given due to The Covid, the district saw the only way to be equitable was to give each student an "RL Pass" grade for all subjects.  Obviously with Quarter 4 being all remote learning now...the RL Pass continues to wrap up the year.

Please check in to my webpage and continue to look in the "DOWNLOADS" Section for Virtual Lesson Plans with the WEEK'S DATE.  You will find everything you need for the week there. 

  • If you download these PDFs, you will have a daily outline for the week.
  • Within the PowerPoint PDF, all the hyperlinks are active, and if you click them they SHOULD take you to activity we’ve asked you to work on.

There are also 6 Eureka Math Packets in the "DOWNLOADS" section for you to print out and complete if you wish WITH ANSWER KEYS.  They are titled "Eureka Review Packets Module 1, Module 2 and Module 3" and then Eureka Review Packet Module 3 (Part 2) 5 and 6.   

Check out the PE, Art, Music, Spanish and Stem teachers sites too as they have different lessons and ideas you can do to stay busy and healthy during this crazy time.

All assignments from previous weeks will be kept in the "DOWNLOADS" section so you can always go back to them.

The 4th Grade Team continues to work hard to create what we could to continue the learning process at home over the next few weeks.  I sent home that last day before we broke access, class codes and passwords to many amazing sites.  Those sites are Zearn, Freckle, Prodigy, Epic, Nearpod, FastMath, Scholastic, Storyworks and Super Science.  I walked the class through on how to access them.  If anyone can't get in please email me and I'll assist you via email.  I will be checking my email many times a day so please do not hesitate to contact me over the weeks we're out.  I also sent home three hard-copy math packets to keep them going.  There are 6 Eureka Math Review Packets in my "DOWNLOADS" section.  All of this is optional and will not be graded.  I recommend the students do "something" academic related during this time.  Playing Fortnite 7 hours a day for the next few weeks will turn their brain into mashed potatoes.   

The access/codes/passwords info I sent home are all on my "DOWNLOADS" sections on this site.  Please look for "Letter Home School Closing", "List of Sites To Do During School Closure" and "Suggested Day While School Closed".  Here are most of them:

Zearn---Class Code: NV4N9B (Students have individual login/password...they know this)

Freckle---Class Code: W68GWG (First name, last initial...Bill H, Mary K, etc.)

Prodigy---   Class Code: 5CCBFA (Students have individual usernames and passwords)

Epic---Class Code: syh3168 (First name, last initial...Bill H, Mary, K, etc.)

Scholastic---Go in "As A Student"...Class Code: chtigers4

Storyworks---Go in "As A Student"...Class Code:tigerpride4

Super Science---Go in "As A Student"...Class Code: tigerpride4

NearPod---See dozens of links on "List Of Sites To Do During Closure" in my "Downloads" section

FastMath---For those students enrolled in it they know their usernames/passwords

I also added dozens and dozens of links on my webpage under "COOL LINKS".  Feel free to look on other 4th Grade teacher's sites and play games or explore sites under their "Downloads" or "Cool Links" as well.  A lot of the 4th Grade teachers (even 3rd and 5th) have really neat sites!  They are there for your use!

I will send text updates to you throughout the weeks to check-in, provide updates from the school/state and simply to keep the communication lines open.  Students can email me directly from your email (of if they have an account) to ask questions or simply; to stay busy.

Stay safe and be healthy!  We'll be in touch. 


***VERY IMPORTANT***---IF YOUR CHILD IS ABSENT (PLANNED OR UNEXPECTED) PLEASE TRY TO LOOK UP THE EUREKA MATH LESSON ON-LINE. IT WILL BENEFIT HIM/HER TO LOOK AT THE LESSON ON GOOGLE. THAT WAY WHEN THEY RETURN THEY DIDN'T MISS A BEAT IN MATH CLASS. I REALLY APPRECIATE THE FAMILIES THAT ARE TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE ON-LINE RESOURCE. SIMPLY SEARCH GOOGLE "Eureka Math Grade 4 Module (whatever) Lesson (whatever). A gentleman named Duane Haverbeck will actually teach and model the lesson for you/your child.  It's a great review for tests, if anyone is confused or simply need some reteaching.  I even go on there! 


For those parents that want to sign up for "Remind" (a group text alert from me) please text to this number: 81010 the following message: @hermanson1   


I will send group texts for big reminders such as field trips, 1/2 days, school spirit days, time sensitive information,etc. All other info such as assignments, upcoming tests, curricular activities, homework, etc. will be posted on this webpage and will not be "group texted" out. VERY IMPORTANT: I CANNOT RECEIVE TEXTS IF YOU RESPOND. THIS IS A ONE-WAY TEXTING SYSTEM. I'M NOT BEING RUDE IF I DON'T RESPOND...I SIMPLY DIDN'T RECEIVE IT.  REMIND IS SET UP AS A ONE-WAY TESTING SYSTEM.  YOU CAN OF COURSE EMAIL/CALL ME ANYTIME OBVIOUSLY.


Favorite Food:   Favorite Thing About Me:  Favorite TV Show/Movie:  My Birthday is:  Favorite Pet:   Favorite Thing To Do:   Favorite Subject:   Place I Want to Visit:   I'm Special Because:  Favorite Book/Magazine:   My Family is:   Favorite Sport/Game/Activity:    Favorite Color:    What I Want To Be When I Grow Up:  


ELA: . 






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This week in class


See Virtual Lessons For Week of 5/18-5/22 in my "DOWNLOADS" Section or on the District's Main Page


See Virtual Lessons For Week of 5/18-5/22 in my "DOWNLOADS" Section or on the District's Main Page


See Virtual Lessons For Week of 5/18-5/22 in my "DOWNLOADS" Section or on the District's Main Page


See Virtual Lessons For Week of 5/18-5/22 in my "DOWNLOADS" Section or on the District's Main Page


See Virtual Lessons For Week of 5/18-5/22 in my "DOWNLOADS" Section or on the District's Main Page

Important Dates

Date Title Description Links
05-22-2020 Remote Learning Ends...Summer "Officially" Begins!!!

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Cool Links

  • ABCYA Multiplication :
  • Art Hub For Kids :
  • Biographies Online :
  • Book Creator :
  • Break Out Challenge Elf Panic :
  • Break Out Challenge Finding Frosty :
  • Break Out Challenge Winter Sports :
  • Bud, Not Buddy Padlet :
  • Curriculum Night PowerPoint 2019-2020 : Curriculum Night PowerPoint 2019-2020
  • Ducksters :
  • Ellis Island Name Searcher :
  • Ellis Island Virtual Tour :
  • Epic Books :
  • Etymology Word Study :
  • Eureka Math :
  • FastMath :
  • Fraction Games 1 :
  • Fraction Games 2 :
  • Fun Brain :
  • GeoGuesser :
  • IAR (PARCC) Link :
  • Immigration Investigation :
  • Interactive Map-Oceans and Continents :
  • Kahn Academy :
  • Kahoot :
  • Latin Dictionary :
  • Math Games and Links :
  • Math Playground :
  • Mensa for Kinds- Games and Puzzles :
  • Midwest Abbreviations :
  • Midwest Capitals :
  • Multiplication Games :
  • National Geographic :
  • National Geographic For Kids :
  • Natural Disasters Padlet :
  • NewsELA :
  • Number Line Practice :
  • Paper Airplane STEM Challenge :
  • PBS Kids :
  • Place the States Game :
  • Puzzle Maker :
  • Scholastic Magazine :
  • Scholastic News PASSWORD IS chtigers4 :
  • Science :
  • State Float Research Padlet :
  • State Float Research Padlet :
  • State Games :
  • State Research 50 States :
  • State Research Enchanted Learning :
  • State Research Printables :
  • State Research State Symbols :
  • Storyworks PASSWORD IS chtigers4 :
  • Switcher Roo Zoo :
  • Typing Instructor :
  • Word Searcher :
  • Word Searcher :
  • Zearn :
  • Zearn Program---Eureka :

  • Downloads List

    4th FourthGradeNoExcuseWords_5_10_2011_11_37_12_AM.pdf
    Answer Key Eureka Packet Module 3
    Answer Key Eureka Packet Module 5
    Answer Key Eureka Packet Module 6
    Answer Key Eureka Review Modules 1-3
    Curriculum Night PowerPoint 2019-2020
    Eureka Review Packet Module 1
    Eureka Review Packet Module 2
    Eureka Review Packet Module 3
    Eureka Review Packet Module 3 (Part 2)
    Eureka Review Packet Module 5
    Eureka Review Packet Module 6
    Letter Home School Closure
    List of Sites to do during school closing
    List of Supplies for Troops
    Math Eureka Module 1 Student Workbook
    Math Eureka Module 4 Student Workbook
    Math Eureka Module 6 Student Workbook
    Suggested Day while school closed
    Summer Activities
    Virtual Lessons for Spring Break Week 3/30-4/3
    Virtual Lessons For Week of 3/23-3/27
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    Virtual Lessons For Week of 4/20-4/24
    Virtual Lessons For Week of 4/27-5/1
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    Virtual Lessons For Week of 5/11-5/15
    Virtual Lessons For Week of 5/18-5/22
    Virtual Lessons For Week of 5/4-5/8
    Virtual Memory Book
    Weekly Reading Activities-Directions
    Weekly Reading Response Log
    Words Their Way Parent Letter
    Words Their Way Research

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