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FSD 157-C Home Learning Plan

In compliance with regulations set forth by the Illinois State Board of Education and the Illinois
Department of Health (IDPH), all families must follow our FSD 157-C Pandemic Response school-based 
mitigation plan. Unfortunately, this may require students to stay at home, away from class, for 
periods of up to 5 school days.

It is important that FSD 157-C students and families have confidence that learning will not be 
excessively impacted from school exclusion mandates from state or local health departments. This means 
having a clear plan for support during their time at home.

Per the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), those who have been exposed to someone
with COVID-19, or who tests positive for COVID-19 must be excluded from school for a period 
of up to 5 days. See the most updated guidance related to Covid-19 symptoms, contact tracing, 
quarantine, and isolation at the link here.

The IDPH states that any individual who has been fully vaccinated, and does not have symptoms, does 
not have to be excluded if identified as a close contact. Those individuals who are vaccinated must 
remain out of school until their symptoms subside for 24-hours. All vaccinated individuals 
requesting to avoid exclusion where applicable, will be required to submit proof of 
COVID-19 vaccination to the school nurse.
Entering and Exiting the Temporary Home Learning Plan
The Home Learning Plan is a short-term measure explicitly for students who would otherwise be 
attending school but have been excluded from school as mandated by the state or local health 

Students may been excluded after being identified as a close contact to an individual 
who has been confirmed to have Covid-19. Students may be identified by the school, or a 
Parent/Guardian who has been informed of an exposure outside of school.
Building secretaries will send a formal notice to families detailing the specific timeline for the temporary home learning plan for their child. From there, families will be informed that their child will enter a temporary remote learning classroom setting to ensure continuity of education during their absence from in-person learning. Student entry into the temporary remote setting may take up to two, full school days.

The Temporary Home Learning Plan Essentials
The home learning plan looks different at Grand Prairie and Chelsea than it does at Hickory Creek. Please review the details of each school’s home learning plan below:

Grand Prairie and Chelsea: Students will temporarily join the remote learning class of that particular grade level. Students will be provided with materials for their absence; parents will be notified when student materials are ready for pick-up. They will also receive communication on how to access the remote class for the quarantine period while being provided a specific schedule for learning. Grand Prairie students will join the remote class through Zoom while Chelsea students will join their temporary remote class through Microsoft Teams.

Chelsea students in Advanced ELA and/or Advanced Math will join their in-person teacher’s classroom through Microsoft Teams synchronously. Students will attend their advanced class remotely for the duration of their quarantine period.

Hickory Creek: Students will be supported by attending their classes through Microsoft Teams synchronously. They will be invited to join each class at the start of the designated time, according to their regular bell schedule. At that time, the teacher will take attendance and include excluded students in the direct instruction for the day, along with their in-person classmates. Once direct instruction or directions have been given, teachers may dismiss the student from the live meeting to allow them time to complete the work for the day. Teachers will be accessible to students via Microsoft Teams Chat after live instruction is over in the event there are questions.

The only exception to this plan is during student’s PE classes. Teachers will communicate with PE students via Teams Chat and provide them with suggested activities during their quarantine.

While the specifics of each school’s home learning plan looks different, the essential core tenets of the plan remain the same as follows at each building:
Expectations for all assignments will be communicated to each student. This may be specific to each building.
Support/Feedback for these work assignments will be provided to students.
Communication will continue from each child’s in-person learning teacher through standard communication means and the District website. Families or students may contact their in-person teacher at any time.
Special Education and Related Service Staff will remain engaged with quarantined students as necessary.
Educational Goals
The primary goal of the Home Learning Program is to allow access to curriculum and instruction when a student cannot come to school due to quarantine. The Home Learning Program will consist of the following:

• Grade level standards will be emphasized.
• Students will be expected to participate in live sessions with their teachers to receive instruction.
• A variety of learning pathways will be used, including live lessons in real time, pre-recorded lessons, digital learning platforms and apps, non-electronic and/or hands on materials and independent practice.
• Assessments, both summative and formative, may be administered.
• Grades and feedback will be supplied for work completed at the discretion of the teacher.
• Students in grades 3-8 will use Microsoft Teams as their learning platform. Live instruction will be delivered via Teams Meet.
• Students in grade Pre-K through 2 may use Seesaw or Zoom to support learning. Live instruction will be delivered via Zoom.
• Students with Individualized Education Plans (IEP), Section 504 plans, and/or English Learners will continue to receive support.

The Remote Learning School Day for Excluded Students
Learning will continue moving forward as students use digital tools and engage in teacher-prepared, District adopted learning content from home. Certified staff will provide content aligned to FSD 157-C curriculum, Illinois Learning Standards, and will provide a continuous feedback loop for students.

• For grades K – 8, the student day will consist of 5 hours, with 2.5 hours being live instruction from a certified teacher.
• For Pre-K, the student day will consist of 2.5 hours, with 1.5 hours being live instruction from a certified teacher.
• Students will receive a specific remote learning schedule for the duration of their quarantine learning.
• Certified staff will be available only during live contact times and scheduled meetings.
• Students who are placed in Advanced (3-5) and Honors (6-8) courses will continue to have access to this curriculum and classroom teaching.
• Student/teacher live contact time may vary by grade level in certain situations.
• Students will have access to PE/Encore instruction via prerecorded lessons and activities.

Student Expectations
• Attendance will be taken daily in grades PreK-5 and before every class period in grades 6-8. Students must turn on their camera to be considered present.
• Students receiving special education services will follow their specialized instruction and related services schedules as determined by case manager.
• Students are required to Be Responsible, Be Respectful and Be Safe while working online.
• Students must check their learning platform daily for their schedule and learning activities from their teachers.
• Students are required to attend all their teacher’s live lessons or will be marked absent.
• Students must take responsibility for their District-issued device and charger while at home.
• Those experiencing technology issues should fill out the form here with details of the specific issue.
All FSD 157-C handbook rules stay in effect for remote students.
• Students should dress appropriately for school.
• Students must complete and submit assignments by the assigned due dates.
Parent/Guardian Expectations
• Daily attendance will be taken for all students.
• Follow the same procedures for attendance as with in-person learning. Parent/Guardians are expected to report student absences for the day. Call your child’s school office to report an absence.
• Students will be given assignments/assessments to take part in and grades will be assigned at teacher discretion.
• Ensure your child is ready to participate in the daily school activities.
• If your child is struggling, do not hesitate to contact the teacher for added support.
• Find a space for students to complete remote learning work at home that is free from distractions. Ensure all materials are readily available prior to the start of the day.
• Encourage your child to get enough sleep, eat a healthy meal and snacks, and allow time for movement throughout the day.
• Set sensible time limits for personal technology use.
• Remind your child how to best communicate with their teachers.
• Allow your child to work independently. Do not feel the need to correct all your child’s errors. Allow the learning process to take place. Please do not interrupt live lessons.
• Familiarize yourself with your child’s daily schedule.
• Reach out to teachers with questions via email. In most cases, please allow for a 24-hour turnaround for replies to parent e-mails. Responses are not to be expected in the evening or over the weekend.
• Review remote learning behavior expectations with your child.
• Inform your child that it is illegal to record teachers’ lessons or use pre-recorded lessons in any way other than their intended purposes.

Access to Technology
Teachers will plan for a variety of learning opportunities that balance the amount of screen time with other types of activities. The lessons our teachers have designed will require each student in the household to have access to their own device during the students’ school day. The district will provide a device for every 157-C student. Although FSD 157-C students will be provided a device, lessons can be accessed via any web-connected device. Parents are responsible for securing a home internet provider. 

Teachers will take daily attendance through Zoom (PreK – 2) or Microsoft Teams (3 – 8). In case of an absence, the students’ parents/guardians must call the school prior to the start of the school day and explain the reason for the absence. There are two types of absences: excused and unexcused. Excused absences include loss of internet, illness, observance of a religious holiday, death in the immediate family, family emergency, situations beyond the control of the student, circumstances that cause reasonable concern to the parents/guardians for the student’s safety or health, attending a military honors funeral to sound TAPS, or other reasons as approved by the building principal.
Teacher Availability
Teachers will be expected to monitor and respond to questions individually or in a mass communication with our electronic resources during the student school day. Teachers will use various means to stay connected with students including, but not limited to, teacher webpage updates, video conferencing, emails, personal phone calls, newsletters etc.

Teachers will work collaboratively in the core subject areas to offer learning opportunities that are aligned to state standards and will prepare students for the next level. Encore and PE lessons and activities will be available for student participation.

Social-Emotional Well-Being
The social/emotional well-being of our students and staff is equally as important as academic learning. During the remote learning day our certified staff members will make every effort to support the social/emotional well-being of our students.

Students will be provided feedback and support for completed work. In PreK-2, teachers may use Seesaw to communicate progress on student work and assessments. In grades 3-8, teachers may use Microsoft OneNote and Microsoft Teams to communicate progress on student work and assessments and PowerSchool to record grades.
• Formative Assessments: The district’s formative assessments for students in grades K-8 may be administered and may be taken for a grade during the remote day. These include exit tickets, quizzes, skills checks, daily assignments, etc.
• Summative Assessments: The district’s summative assessments for students in grades K-8 may be administered during the remote day at the teacher’s discretion. These include outcome assessments, math module assessments, performance tasks, etc.

Opportunities for Special Needs, 504 and EL Students
Students eligible for special education or Section 504 will receive their lessons in the same manner as their peers unless otherwise notified by the individual student’s case manager, special education teacher, or related service staff. Students with special needs and their parents/guardians will have access to their case managers, related service providers, and general education teachers through email, SeeSaw or Microsoft Teams to report any issues they may encounter. According to each student’s individualized plan or program, direct instruction, consultation services, modifications and/or accommodations will be provided to the student. Services may look different during the remote learning day, compared to a regular instructional day, as the staff is working diligently to ensure the continuity of each student’s individualized plan. These services may be delivered through a variety of platforms including electronic means, paper packets, video conferencing, and both individually or through group means as decided by the special education teacher or related service provider. English Learners will receive supports from their EL teachers during the remote learning day.

Frankfort District 157-C is committed to providing student interventions through the Multi-Tiered System of Support model (MTSS). Identified students may receive added support in identified areas. Intervention support may be provided during the remote day as decided by the student’s teacher. Interventionists will collaborate with classroom teachers to determine schedules, provide intervention and progress monitor the implemented supports.