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Frankfort School District 157-C Advanced/Honors Placement Process

Frankfort School District 157-C has an expectation of every teacher to differentiate the curriculum, process and materials to meet individual learning needs and provide a challenging experience for all learners. Students that are identified as needing challenge beyond what is offered in the core curriculum will be considered for an alternative placement. District 157-C offers advanced English Language Arts/ELA classes in grades 3rd through 5th, Advanced Math in grade 5, Honors ELA in grades 6th through 8th and Honors Math in grades 6th through 8th. All of these classes replace the core ELA or Math class for qualifying students.

Advanced ELA (Grades 3-5)

Students who qualify for Advanced English Language Arts (ELA) will meet with their team’s Advanced ELA teacher for class during the ELA block. Advanced ELA curriculum includes learning activities that add to and extend beyond the core ELA curriculum, particularly in the areas of reading, writing, and word study. Advanced ELA students read and analyze an additional extended text each quarter, which generally has greater text complexity and occasionally more mature or complex themes than the core extended text. Advanced ELA students will engage in more reading and writing opportunities throughout each quarter, as pacing is faster in the Advanced ELA curriculum.

ELA Advanced Placement Criteria Grade 3 

Students must meet all 3 criteria to be placed into Advanced ELA for Grade 3

  • Grade 2 FastBridge Reading Assessment 90% or above on any one school benchmark (Fall, Winter, Spring)
  • Grade 2 ELA Outcome Assessment “A” Average for all Outcome Assessments
  • Grade 2 Teacher Rating Scale (20 points or above)

ELA Advanced Placement Criteria Grades 4th & 5th 

Students who meet one of the following options will be placed into Advanced ELA in Grades 4/5 

  • Option 1: IAR ELA Performance Level 5
  • Option 2: FastBridge Reading Assessment 85% or above on any one school benchmark percentile (Fall, Winter, Spring) and ELA Outcome Assessment “A” average


Advanced Mathematics (Grade 5)


Students who qualify for Advanced Mathematics will meet with the Math Enrichment teacher every day during their math block. The Advanced Math curriculum includes all of the present grade level standards in addition to standards that are taught one grade level above. This is a fast paced, accelerated course that is challenging and rigorous. Students will be expected to think in depth about mathematical concepts and apply skills to real world problems.

Advanced Math Placement Criteria Grade 5

Students who meet one of the following options will be placed into Advanced Math in Grade 5 

  • Option 1: IAR Math Performance Level 5
  • Option 2: FastBridge Math Assessment 85% or above on any one school benchmark percentile (Fall, Winter, Spring) and Math Outcome Assessment “A” average


Advanced/Honors Identification Process

The identification process for District 157-C takes many factors into account in order to determine eligibility for Advanced/Honors placement. Multiple indicators of a student’s academic performance are considered. The chart below outlines the different options for Advanced/Honors placement in ELA and Math and which criteria will be considered. All criteria is reviewed at the end of each school year. 

Once a student is placed in an Advanced or Honors class, that student will remain in the same placement for the remainder of his/her time at 157-C, unless parents request otherwise. 

Students will not be added to courses midyear.

Advanced/Honors Criteria