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Mrs. Swierczewski's Team 6B


We will be studying the world's ancient civilizations including Pre-history/early man, Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, India, Greece & Rome.  While studying each civilization we will incorporate the geography of the region along with inquiry skills, some civics (much more in 7th grade) economics, and financial literacy.



  • Discovery Education Tech Book. (an online textbook) The  Login Example can be found on the yellow sheet in your materials from the "Material Pick up" day or button at top of this page.
  • A two pocket folder (heavy) to last all year
  • A Composition book (string sewn without tear out pages)
  • Pencil case that includes three different highlighters, a pen, pencil and red pen.
  • Assignment Notebook

HOMEWORK - "Week of Work & Homework" will include the daily homework.  The homework  is also listed on the back board for the entire week. I give students a reminder and time to copy the HW from the back board during each class period. (Button on right of this)


Absence: IF your child is absent for one day, I will connect with them when they return the following day.  Students can also check "Week of Work & Homework" to see what we worked on.  If they want more information, please send me a private chat or reach out to a friend that was in class. The TEAMS CHAT is great for this.  Since we are blocking, (A Day/B Day)  the following day your child will be in Science, so he or she needs to stop by my room to touch base.  They can see me before school, lunch, or after school. 

BLOCK SCHEDULE:  New this year!! Every day will alternate as A or B Days.  If your child has Social studies during 1st, 3rd, or 6th period, they will come to Social Studies on A days.  IF your child has Social studies during 2nd, 4th, or 7th period, they will have Social Studies on the B days.  With this type of "blocking" it doesn't matter if there are days off here and there because there will always be an alternating science and social studies class.  


Remote Learners:  Social Studies class is on A DAYS based on the  school schedule. You will be alternating with science from 12:45-1:25. You can still find your ONENOTE in the class you were assigned on your schedule, and you are still a part of the TEAMS for that class.  In addition, you have been added to a REMOTE LEARNER Team. Please send me chat messages or message the whole group in the POST section.   Often times, your classmates can help with tech issues, printer problems, and homework confusion if I am not available (after hours).  Practice Pages/Organizers/supplemental documents:  the resources I hand out in class as hard copies will also be located in the Content Library of OneNote.  Your child needs to move these copies to the folder under their own name so they can become editable.


REMOTE Student office hours: Offered weekly at the end of class for drop in students or 1:1 additional help and make-up work. PLEASE READ your TEAMS POSTS regularly located in the REMOTE TEAMS page.


Parents: Please use power school to periodically check your child's grade, and note any missing assignments. If there are three or more missing assignments, I will reach out to you with an e-mail or phone call.  It is also a good ideas to check your child's "Team Chats" with me.  I will send the student messages to clarify assignments, collect late work, etc.