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About Me

Welcome to Kindergarten! I’m Mrs. Perusich and I am honored and excited to be your child's teacher this year.  It is going to be an amazing year full of learning, growth, and fun!

Please check our class page as it will be updated frequently. My primary mode of communication will be through the class webpage, emails, newsletters, and SeeSaw.

Each student has a “Take-Home” folder that will travel to and from school. Please check the folder nightly to ensure important papers and updates are being sent home. You can send any notes back to school in the folder. 


Below are the quarter 3 learning goals as well as the sight word list.  

Q3 Sight Words:  and, to, on, here, come, you, of, have, for, but, big, had, be

Q3 I can statements:


I can name uppercase and lowercase letters.

*I can sound out words.

*I can identify the first, middle, and last letter in a word.

*I can hear, say, and write words that rhyme.

*I can clap the sounds I hear in a word.

*I can break up words into parts.

*I can put together the first sound with the last part to make a word. (c+at)

*I can break up a word into the first sound and the last part (cat, c-at)

*I can separate and say the beginning, middle, and ending sound in C-V-C words. (c-a-t)

*I can add or change letters in words to make new words. (bug-mug-mud)

*I can say the sound a consonant makes.

*I can quickly say high-frequency words.

*I can identify the main topic and retell key details in a book (with help)

*I can tell you the connections between two people, ideas, or events in a book (with help)  (informational text)


*I can use correct prepositions when I talk and write.

*I can use more than one sentence to share an idea when I talk and write.

*I can write sentences using kindergarten spelling which begin with uppercase letters, have spaces, and end with a period.

*I can capitalize the first word in a sentence and the pronoun I.

*I can recognize and name end punctuation.


I can count to 100 by 10’s. (K.CC.1)

*I can count to 100 by 1’s. (K.CC.1)

*When I count objects, I can write the number to show how many. (K.CC.3)

*I can write number 0-20. I can write number 0-50. (K.CC.3)

*I can understand that when I count, the next number is one larger than the one I just said. (K.CC.4c)

*I can compare two written numerals to decide which is greater than, less than, or equal to. (L.CC.7)

*I can show addition. (K.OA.1)

*I can add to solve word problems. (K.OA.2)

*I can make a number less than ten by putting together 2 groups of pictures or objects. (K.OA.3)

*I can show what number is needed to add to another number to make 10. (K.OA.4)

*I can show how the numbers 11-19 are made of ten ones and more ones. (K.NBT.1)

*I can sort and count objects.  (K.MD.3)

* I can participate in discussions of earth science and how living things grow.