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When Life hands you LEMMONS.... it's going to be a SWEET year!             

We are off on our exciting adventure called Third Grade! Be sure to check out my webpage each week for updated information!

This Week- March 1-5

Math: We will be working on Module 5- fractions- until the middle of April.  It's our longest module of third grade!


Monday- Lesson 5- Partitioning a whole into equal parts and identifying the unit fractions. 

Tuesday- Lesson 6- Building non-unit fractions less than 1 whole to form unit fractions

Wednesday-Lesson 7- Identify and represent shaded and non-shaded parts of one whole as fractions

Thursday-Lesson 8- Represent parts of one whole as fractions with number bonds

Friday-Lesson 9- Build and write fractions greater than 1 unit.


Homework will be the homework pages in the workbook and the corresponding Zearn lesson or the one after it.


Please encourage your child to keep up with Zearn lessons.  We try to get to Zearn during school, but we have been spending time on mathematical discussions which has been taking up more of our math lessons than before.  


Recently, I took a class on mathematical discourse and I am trying to incorporate more strategies into our class.  This helps students with understanding skills through discussions with peers and providing them with opportunities to discuss skills without fear of judgement.  Some examples of mathematical sentence starters are:  I agree because, I disagree because, I am puzzled by, Can you explain your strategy?  I am hearing less and less of "I don't get it," and more "Can I have someone explain why...."  


Reading: For the next 4 weeks we are focusing on informational text.

This week's standards: recounting main idea/details, recognizing and understanding the information found in text features (diagrams, photographs, captions, graphs, flow charts, timelines......)


Writing: This week we will continue our Fairy Tale Unit.  Now that we have our thoughts and plan in place, we will begin writing our Fairy Tales.


Science: We continue our Animals Through time lesson.


Typing Instructor:

We will be utilizing  for keyboarding practice.  Your child is welcome to practice at home as well.  

User Name: 26(First Initial, Last Name)  

Password: their randomly assignment password for most websites.



Monday, March 1- All-School DEAR  (Drop Everything And Read)


Wednesday, March 3- Wacky Wednesday-Band/Music Shirt