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Week at a glance

Feb 15-19
Week at a Glance:  
Regular math:  This week we will be starting our equations unit
Honors math:  This week we will be finishing our inequalities unit with our assessment on Friday
Feb 22-Feb 25
Week at a glance
Regular math:  Reviewing 6th grade equations standards and beginning 7th grade equation standards.  Please be aware that it is the process we are working on, not necessarily the correct answer.  So for any given problem, the answer might be worth 1 point and the work worth 3.  
Honors Math:  Students will be moving into 8th grade equations standards which deals mostly with variables on both sides of the equation.  
March 1-5
Week at a glance
Regular math:  Students are working on two step equations.  Make sure they are following the process that we have gone over in math class.  At this point, the process is more important that the answer.  IXL due this week is L:  1,2,3
Honors math:  We are finishing the course 3 linear equations chapter this week and we will be moving into pythagorean theroem.  IXL due this week  Z:  1, 2, 3, 4