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Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!

Hello, My name is Mrs. Cheryl Harris and I am a fifth grade Special Education Teacher. This will be my 15th year teaching at Chelsea and my 26th year working in Special Education. I have two boys that both headed to college this year! I also have two adorable dogs, Otis and Oreo. My family and I have been residents of Frankfort for the past 16 years.

This year I will be teaching both Specialized Instruction ELA  (reading, writing, and word study) and Math. I primarily work with students from TEAM 5C in fifth grade (Mrs. Kois, Mr. Becker, Mrs. Pinicak, and Mrs. Ritter).

I can be reached most mornings before school or after school at 815-469-2309 ext. 4559 or by e-mail at

Please also check your assigned child's homeroom teacher's web pages for important information and dates about fifth grade.

I'm looking forward to exciting school year filled with endless possibilities!

WELCOME BACK Chelsea Tigers!!!

-Mrs. Harris


ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS- Learning Standards Quarter 3

Quarter 3 Novel: Sheep, Valerie Hobbs

Writing unit: Opinion writing

  • L 5.2 – I can demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing.

Reading Literature standards: 

  • R.L5.1-I can quote accurately from the text when explaining what the text says explicitly. I can provide text evidence to support an answer. 

  • R.L5.2- I can summarize the text. I can determine a theme of a text.

  • R.L. 5.3-I can compare and contrast two or more characters, settings or events in a story, drawing on specific details such as how characters interact.

  • R.L.5.4- I can determine what an author is trying convey by the use word, phrases, or figurative language.

Reading Information Standards:

  • R.I. 5.2- I can determine two or more main ideas of a text and explain how they are supported by key details
  • R.I. 5.3- I can explain the relationship between two or more individuals, events, ideas, or concepts using support from the text.

  • R.I. 5.4- I can determine the meaning of words or phrases in a text using context clues.

  • R.I. 5.9-I can integrate information from several texts on the same topic in order to write or speak about the subject knowledgeably.


Quarter 3 Math Standards

A Equivalent Fractions

Lesson 1: Make equivalent fractions with the number line, the area model, and numbers.

Lesson 2: Make equivalent fractions with sums of fractions with like denominators.

Topic B  Making Like Units Pictorially

Lesson 3: Add fractions with unlike units using the strategy of creating equivalent fractions.

Lesson 4: Add fractions with sums between 1 and 2.

Lesson 5: Subtract fractions with unlike units using the strategy of creating equivalent fractions.

Lesson 6: Subtract fractions from numbers between 1 and 2.

Lesson 7: Solve two-step word problems. 5

Mid-Module Assessment: Topics A–B 

Topic C Making Like Units Numerically

Lesson 8: Add fractions to and subtract fractions from whole numbers using equivalence and the number line as strategies.

Lesson 9: Add fractions making like units numerically.

Lesson 10: Add fractions with sums greater than 2.

Lesson 11: Subtract fractions making like units numerically.

Lesson 12: Subtract fractions greater than or equal to 1.

Topic D Further Applications

Lesson 13: Use fraction benchmark numbers to assess reasonableness of addition and subtraction equations.

Lesson 14: Strategize to solve multi-term problems.

Lesson 15: Solve multi-step word problems; assess reasonableness of solutions using benchmark numbers.

Lesson 16: Explore part-to-whole relationships

 Module 3: Addition and Subtraction of Fractions Module Overview 5 3 Standards Topics and Objectives Days End-of-Module Assessment: Topics A–D 


Supplies needed for in person learning:

  • Place all materials in your backpack. Students will keep their backpack with them throughout the day.
  • Students will come straight to their homeroom in the morning on their grade level day and come to my class during their scheduled ELA and/ or Math class.
  • ALL students will need to symptom check and wear their wristband provided to them in the mail signifying they are free of those symptoms. Wristbands can be placed around their lanyards if they are too big. 
  • Mask Breaks will take place in the am and the pm outdoors. Please make sure your child dresses appropriately for the weather.

The following schedule will take place during In-Person Learning:

Monday-Thursday schedule:

9:05-9:10 Homeroom with Mrs. Kois/ Mrs. Pinciak

9:10-9:30 SWI Mrs. Kois or Word Study with Mrs. Harris

9:30-10:10 ELA with Mrs. Harris/ Mrs. Kois/ Mrs. Pinciak

10:10-10:40 Encore

10:40-11:10 PE

11:10-11:15 snack

11:15-12:20 Reading with Mrs. Harris/ Mrs. Kois/ Mrs. Pinciak

12:20-12:50 Math with Mrs. Harris/Mr. Becker

12:50-1:30 Recess/ Lunch

1:30-2:40 Math with Mrs. Harris/Mr. Becker

2:40-3:15 SS/Science with Mr. Becker/ Mrs. Ritter/ Mrs. Melby

3:15-3:25 Pack up

3:25 dismissal

Friday Schedule:

9:10-9:40 Tiger TIme

9:40-10:34 ELA

10:34-11:28 Encore/ PE

11:28-12:30 ELA

12:30-1:02 Math

1:02-1:42 Recess/ Lunch

1:42-2:52 Math

2:52-3:15 Science/ SS

3:15 Dismissal

REMOTE Learners will follow their own individual schedule sent home via e-mail. 

2X10 Strategy: The 2x10 strategy will continue during the REMOTE schedule. Students will be selected and participate via CHAT. The 2×10 strategy is simple: spend 2 minutes per day for 10 days in a row talking with a student about anything she or he wants to talk about that’s going on with their day or something outside of school. The strategy builds a rapport and a relationship between teacher and student, and lets the child see that you genuinely care about him or her as a person. 


*Please check your child's supplies in their backpack each week.

1. Empty out graded papers

2. Check supplies (please return with 4-5 pencils, fitted masks, etc.). 

3. Check that all materials are returned that were sent home (calculator, ELA materials, Math workbooks, etc.). Please return items back to school.

4. MAKE sure each child has working HEADPHONES!


DARE for 5th graders begins the week of January 19th. 

Kois/Becker: Tuesday 1:40-2:20 (if in Mr. Becker's math class, if in Mrs. Harri's math class and have Kois for homeroom, will go to DARE on Friday with Mrs. Vega's class)

Melby: Tuesday 2:30-3:10 

Ritter: Wednesday 2:30-3:10

Vega (Kois' homeroom that have Mrs. Harris for math): Friday 2:30-3:10


No School February 24th due to a Remote Planning Day for teachers.