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Special Education Teacher Cheryl Harris - Special Education  (Send e-mail)

This year I am teaching fifth grade. I am in room 228S (above the art room on the second floor).
I will primarily be working with team 5C. I'm looking forward to a great school year!!!
If you have any questions, I can be reached most mornings from 8:20-9:00
at 815-469-2309 ext. 4559 or send me an e-mail, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please check both my page and your child's homeroom page for important homeroom information. I will be updating this page weekly on curriculum and tests/projects going on in my class.

WEEK OF: February 19-23

In ELA this week we will continue our quarter 3 essential questions.

What is the value of adapting?
How do characters in literature teach the reader a lesson?
How does the figurative language impact the meaning of the text?
How does who is telling a story impact what we know about the story?

We will continue to read our Quarter 3 novel, "Sheep" by Valerie Hobbs. We will be focusing on skills and strategies related to retelling, identifying flashback, vocabulary, "words of the wiser"- the advice or insight a wiser character offers about life to the main character, tough questions- questions the character raises that reveal inner struggles, and comprehension questions related to our reading and "aha moments"- a character's realization of something that shifts his actions or understanding of himself, others or the world around him.
As students are reading at home they are required to underline tough questions, to circle vocabulary, and to put WTW next to "words of the wiser". Questions to reflect on..
What does this question make me wonder about? "tough question"
What is the life lesson, and how might it affect the character? "words of the wiser"
How might this change things? "Aha moment". (Sign Posts strategy can be found under the tab for quarter 3 in ONE NOTE).

We will continue to practice fluency in ELA. Passages for the week will be sent home to practice daily. Students will graph their progress from a cold read to a hot read each week. They will also practice fluency strategies and comprehension strategies. We have been focusing on TIPS for fluency.

In our multi-sensory sounds group we will continue to do word study weekly practicing prefixes and suffixes in multi-syllabic words. We will focus on consonant- y endings as our green word lessons. We will take a 5 word red word test and green word test on Friday, 2/23.
We took our "green word" test last week on consonant le words using The students were tested from a multiple choice format using this website.

In writing this week we will continue to practice reading for information on the Great Depression (the time period of our novel). We will read articles, use a research simulation video on the topic, take notes, and formulate a response using text evidence. Students have been practicing this format during our writing block time (last week we worked on animal adaptations).

In math we will be will finish our unit on adding and subtraction fractions.
I CAN: Use fraction benchmark numbers to assess reasonableness of addition and subtraction equations. Strategize to solve multi-term problems. Solve multi-step word problems and explore part to whole relationships. We will begin our unit on multiplying fractions this week.

Keep practicing multiplication and division facts. We will be creating our own individual flashcards on facts that need to be practiced.
*SEE FACT FLUENCY ideas in the downloads section of my teacher pages for ideas and information about websites suggested.

In writing this week we will be practicing Research Simulation by practicing writing in response to text.

Students will be required to turn in their reading log to their ELA teacher. The expectation is to read 60-80 minutes a week. The next reading log will be due 2/27.

Please have your child bring their self- selected reading book that they are doing for reading log to school. They will be responsible for bringing it back and forth from school to home so they can keep reading. If they are reading from a book on tape or on Bookshare then I just need them to share the title and author. We will be discussing self-selected reading in class.

DARE lasts for approx. 9 weeks. DARE will take place during the ELA block, one day a week. Students from my ELA class will join their homerooms for DARE.


Important Dates

Important Dates


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Eureka Math [9/1/2017]
Eureka Math Module 2 [12/10/2017]
eureka_math_grade_5_module_3_parent_tip_sheet.pdf [1/28/2018]
Fact Fluency Math [1/31/2018]
ican_bike_flyer.pdf [1/17/2018]
Zearn [12/10/2017]


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