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Special Education Teacher Cheryl Harris - Special Education  (Send e-mail)

This year I am teaching fifth grade. I am in room 228S (above the art room on the second floor).
I will primarily be working with team 5C. I'm looking forward to a great school year!!!
If you have any questions, I can be reached most mornings from 8:20-9:00
at 815-469-2309 ext. 4559 or send me an e-mail, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please check both my page and your child's homeroom page for important homeroom information. I will be updating this page weekly on curriculum and tests/projects going on in my class.

WEEK OF: May 14-18

In ELA this week we will continue our Quarter 4 essential Questions.

How does society benefit with adaptations?
What rights should children have?

What role do cultural and economic factors play in the rights of all workers?

Why has child labor been a sustained practice throughout history?

We will continue reading our novel, "A Long Walk to Water" while focusing on comprehension strategies and guided reading lessons. Students are working on character traits and locating evidence in the text. Students are also using the Sign Post strategy to identify vocabulary in the text, AHA moments, words to the wiser, and tough questions while reading. Students are selecting comprehension questions to write about in their reading journals. Students are having table discussions with their table partners on comprehension questions daily. We will complete the novel this week and do an end of novel project in class. We will also take our Quarter 4 outcome assessments this week.

We will continue to practice fluency in ELA with Read Naturally Live. Read Naturally Live is a computer fluency program. Visual and auditory prompts guide students through the motivating steps to develop fluency and phonics skills, support comprehension, and improve vocabulary.

In our multi-sensory sounds group we will do our end of the year assessments. We will be reviewing lessons taught this year through a variety of activities/ games. We will continue to work on syllabication of words, prefixes, base words, and suffixes. We will be applying some strategies with Structured Word Inquiry (being word detectives) by utilizing websites about the etymology of words and word realtives of the words being investigated. We are using the following websites: ( ( We will pull apart words and blend the words back together with word sums. We will continue to practice our red words but no tests will take place. We plan to review the red words we learned this year. There will not be a green word test this week, instead we will assess how the students are investigating words independently.

In writing this week we will be working on our paragraphs and research on the colonial project.
Due date for the written research paper will be moved to Friday, May 18th.

In math we are working on multiplication and division of volume and area.
I CAN: Understand that attributes belonging to a category of two-dimensional figures also belong to
all subcategories of that category.
Recognize area as an attribute of plane figures and understand concepts of area.
Apply the area and perimeter formulas for rectangles in real world and mathematical

Keep practicing multiplication and division facts. Try (pin codes have gone home) and continue to practice Zearn.
*SEE FACT FLUENCY ideas in the downloads section of my teacher pages for additional ideas and information about websites.

Students will be required to turn in their reading log to their ELA teacher. The expectation is to read 60-80 minutes a week. Next reading logs will be due 5/21.

Please have your child bring their self- selected reading book that they are doing for reading log to school. They will be responsible for bringing it back and forth from school to home so they can keep reading. If they are reading from a book on tape or on Bookshare then I just need them to share the title and author. We will be discussing self-selected reading in class. In the last couple of weeks we will be doing Book Recommendations. Students will be sharing their recommendations to other students on Hopefully this will provide some great titles for the summer!

Invitation Reminder:
We never want to have a child feel left out or have their feelings hurt by not receiving an invitation to a party. Even as adults, we know the emotional hurt from being excluded. This is why we highly discourage the passing out of invitations at school. The only exception is if you are inviting the whole class and the invitations are distributed by your child’s teacher. Invitations are never to be distributed by a student or parent. Thank you for your cooperation.

The 5th grade Colonial Market will take place starting next Monday in ELA. We will be doing research and writing our paper in ELA. I have attached the proje

Important Dates

Important Dates


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Colonial Market [4/30/2018]
Disability Fair [5/3/2018]
Eureka Math [9/1/2017]
Eureka Math Module 2 [12/10/2017]
Eureka Math Module 4 [2/25/2018]
eureka_math_grade_5_module_3_parent_tip_sheet.pdf [1/28/2018]
Fact Fluency Math [1/31/2018]
ican_bike_flyer.pdf [1/17/2018]
Zearn [12/10/2017]


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