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Miss Cara Gabriel - Fourth Grade  (Send e-mail)

Welcome to my 2017-2018 Webpage. Please use this website to keep updated on the latest happenings inside room 137S. This website will be updated weekly to reflect the news of the room.

INVITATION REMINDER: We never want to have a child feel left out or have their feelings hurt by not receiving an invitation to a party.  Even as adults, we know the emotional hurt from being excluded.  This is why we highly discourage the passing out of invitations at school. The only exception is if you are inviting the whole class and the invitations are distributed by your child’s teacher.   Invitations are never to be distributed by a student or parent.   Thank you for your cooperation. 

ELA: Our fourth quarter unit will introduce students to stories of literary heroes and Greek Mythology. We will be reading a variety of myths as well as our class novel "Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief."

WRITING: Narrative Writing

MATH: Module 4: Angle Measure and Plane Figures

This module introduces points, lines, line segments, rays, and angles, as well as the relationships between them. Students construct, recognize, and define these geometric objects before using their new knowledge and understanding to classify figures and solve problems. With angle measure playing a key role in their work throughout the module, students learn how to create and measure angles, as well as create and solve equations to find unknown angle measures. In these problems, where the unknown angle is represented by a letter, students explore both measuring the unknown angle with a protractor and reasoning through the solving of an equation. Through decomposition and composition activities as well as an exploration of symmetry, students recognize specific attributes present in two-dimensional figures. They further develop their understanding of these attributes as they classify two-dimensional figures based on them.

S.S. - Western States/United States Regions

Science: We will continue learning about energy and motion.

Use the Symbaloo below to navigate websites students will be using in class as well as at home.


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