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Amy Brandner - Kindergarten  (Send e-mail)

Hello, Kindergarten families! I'm Mrs. Brandner (pronounced Brad-ner), & am honored to be your child's teacher! We're going to have an incredible year of learning, growing, & having fun! :-)

We have 23 wonderful friends in class this year: 12 boys & 11 girls.
Thank you for checking our website often for important dates, reminders, I CAN statements, & our classroom newsletter!

*** Take-Home Folders come home each day containing important notes & completed work.

Please be sure to empty folders each night, & send in any info/notes back to me via the folder!

(Please see the Remind 101 downloadable page to sign up for instant text alerts from me!)

*** Specials do NOT occur every Mon., Tue., etc.... Instead, they'll fall on a T, I, G, E, or R day. When we're off school, it's a NO LETTER day.

T day: P.E. & Technology
I day: P.E.
G day: P.E & Library
E day: P.E. & Music
R day: P.E. & Art

P.E.: every day! Please have gym shoes at school. Lunch: 11:20-11:40, then Recess: 11:40-12:00


I CAN statements break down objectives into learning targets students can read & understand.

4th Qtr. I canís:


I can hear, say, and write words that rhyme.
I can spell words with long and short vowels.
I can tell you letters that are different in words that I read.
I can tell you two meanings for a word I know (ex: duck: bird or to get down, move out of the way)
I can tell you the meaning of a word when I add these endings: -ed,-s, -ful, -less
I can tell you the meaning of a word when I add these beginnings (affixes: re-, un-, pre-)


I can read a story and tell you what it is about.
I can understand and use questions words (who, what, when, where, why, and how)
I can ask and answer questions about key details in a book.
I can ask and answer questions to find the meaning of a word in a book.
I can recognize different types of text (poetry, storybooks).
I can compare and contrast what happens to characters in stories Iíve heard.


I can ask and answer questions about key details in a book.
I can tell you the reasons an author uses details in a book.
I can tell you similarities and differences between two books.


I can use drawings and writing to name a topic and tell something about it.
I can improve my writing by adding details with help from an adult and friends.
I can participate in a group project and write and tell about a favorite author and their stories (express opinions).
I can use different technology with help from adults and friends to create and publish writing.


I can count to 100 by ones.
I can start counting with any number.
I can write numbers to show how many.
I can write numbers 0-20.
I can say the number as I count each object.
I can show how the numbers 11-19 are made of tens and more ones.
I can build and draw shapes.
I can put shapes together to make another shape.


As you know, we're required by the new Erin's Law to provide lessons on sexual abuse and prevention education. In October GP Social Workers will be coming into our classroom to talk about the "Think First & Stay Safe" program. The lessons will cover the concepts of "Using My Built In Computer: Staying Healthy & Safe". In December, the final lesson will be on "Laws Help Protect Me: Kids Have Rights Too!" & "Listening to My Instincts: No Secrets".

Should your child have any questions, you may refer to the handout that will be provided to them on the day of the lesson. If you have additional questions feel free to contact a School Social Worker: Ms. Bilthuis, Mrs. Reiser, & Mrs. Fagan.

This week in class

5/21: NO SCHOOL - Memorial Day! Thank you to all those who have & are currently serving!

5/22: I day: P.E. & Craftivity

TIGERS Last Days Countdown:
(I)sland Hopping! Sunglasses, beach towels, shorts, & beach vibes welcome!

5/23: G day: P.E. & Library

*please return any outstanding books! *

TIGERS Last Days Countdown:
(G)ame & Gum Day! Kids are allowed to being their favorite game from home, as well as some gum to chomp on while they play!

* Mints also allowed, if you would prefer your child not chew gum!

5/24: E day - P.E. & Music

TIGERS Last Days Countdown:
(E)xercise Day! Wear your best workout or sports clothes!

5/25: R day: P.E. & Art

TIGERS Last Days Countdown:
(R)ead Across G.P.! Bring your favorite stuffed animal to keep you company while you read today!

* We have community celebrity readers coming in, & kids are welcome to dress in character! *


Important Dates

TIGERS Countdown: Island Hopping Beachwear Day!

TIGERS Countdown: Gum & Game Day!

TIGERS Countdown: Exercise Day!

TIGERS Countdown: Read Across GP!

Last day of School! 11:25 Dismissal -- Have a WONDERFUL summer! :-)


Downloads List

Box Top Sheet [8/26/2016]
Brandner Bulletin: May & June '18 [5/2/2018]
Classroom Behavior Information [9/2/2017]
Curriculum Night PowerPoint! [8/21/2017]
End of Year Calendar Helper [5/2/2018]
Kindergarten No Excuse Words.pdf [8/21/2016]
Last Days of School Countdown info! [5/24/2018]
Number Writing practice sheet [11/12/2017]
Remind 101 sign up steps [9/5/2017]
Sight Word Fun & Games! [10/2/2016]
Star of the Week Schedule! [10/17/2017]
TIGER calendar for this year [11/12/2017]
Words Their Way - Parent Letter [12/4/2016]


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