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Teacher Randy Klosowski - Physical Education  (Send e-mail)

Mr. Klosowski's classes:

3rd grade classes:
Mrs. Lazzo
Mrs. Lemmons
Mrs. Magana

4th grade classes:
Mrs. Gabriel
Mrs. Grage
Mr. VanAssen
Mrs. Williamson

5th grade classes:
Mr. Becker
Mrs. Jenkins
Mrs. Muehlnickel
Mrs. Pitsoulakis

Please make sure to be saving your Box Tops and bring them to school in groups of 10.
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This week in class

Fitness Testing

Blast Ball

Fitness Testing

Blast Ball

Beenie Baby Relay Race

Fitness Kickball

Beenie Baby Relay Race

Fitness Kickball

Fitness Friday


Important Dates

Rise and Shine


Downloads List

Field Day 2017 [4/10/2017]
PE Curriculum [8/28/2012]
Rise and Shine [9/5/2017]

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