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Co-Taught 8th Grade ELA Matthew Young - Special Education  (Send e-mail)

Room 1606 Co-Taught ELA Classroom With Mrs. Johnson

This week in class

Words within words (10 minutes) - finish flashcards and study flashcards

Monkey’s Paw Test

NewsELA article - 2nd Read make sure to annotate 1 per section (4), 1 per question (4). finish for homework

Writing Lesson 4 - Dialogue

Complete Word Within A Word Flash Cards
( you can use this link to do them electronically

Words Within Words (10 minutes)
-analogies (complete with a partner today) and notes (just to read)

Writing Lesson 5 - Drafting their essay

And Then There Were None Introduction
- Agatha Christie Webquest (finish for homework)
- Calendar for reading

Writing Lesson 6 - Conclusions

And Then There Were None
- Begin reading Chapter 1
- Complete character chart as you read

Homework - finish reading chapter 1 and continue completing the character chart.

Word within a Word - 4 corners vocab. Review. Homework: Read Cha

Drafting - our narrative stories! (45 minutes)

- Review what was read yesterday and character chart
- Continue Reading

Homework: Finish Reading Chapter 2. Complete Chapter 2 Questions (22 questions) Your first reading check is on Monday!


Important Dates

Fast Bridge Screening Assessments

Curriculum Night


Downloads List

Bachelor Grove RI1.docx [9/10/2018]
Bachelors Grove Cemetery Research Simulation questions.docx [9/10/2018]
Cyanide Article RI 2.docx [9/4/2018]
Provide an Objective Summary resource.docx [9/4/2018]

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