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Spanish/ESL Johanna Bartolomeo - 6th-8th Grade  (Send e-mail)

ịBienvenidos a la clase de Español! Vamos a tener un año muy divertido.
I am so excited to be able to teach another language and open up new possibilities to our students.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Señora Bartolomeo at any time by phone or e-mail.

This week in class

8th: The students took the Ch. 2 listening and reading assessments.
HW: Prepare for speaking and writing assessments

7th EXT: The students presented their paragraphs to the class.
HW: Study for your SER + Adjectives Skills check tomorrow (try the practice sentences under downloads)

7th QTR: The students reviewed vocabulary for the summative on Wednesday
HW: study vocab; test on Wednesday

8th: The students started the speaking and writing assessments
HW: Prepare for the speaking & to finish the writing assessments

7th EXT: The students took a skills check on SER + Adjectives
HW: Review SER + Adjective notes; Summative on Thursday

7th QTR: The students played a game to review vocabulary
HW: Study for summative tomorrow

8th: We continued speaking assessments and the students finished the writing assessment.
HW: Prepare for your speaking if you haven't gone yet.

7th EXT: The students watched videos in Spanish and wrote adjectives about the characters.
HW: Study SER + Adjectives notes to prepare for your writing summative tomorrow

7th QTR: The students took the summative on Greetings and began a new vocab list for numbers and dates.
HW: Begin studying new vocabulary

8th: The students translated words for the next chapter.
HW: none

7th EXT: The students began the writing summative for SER + Adjectives
HW: continue to look over notes to finish the summative tomorrow

7th QTR: We went over a new vocabulary list for numbers & dates.
HW: Study new vocabulary

8th: The students practiced new vocabulary
HW: Study vocab; Flashcards due Monday 11/27

7thEXT: The students finished the writing summative and started on new vocabulary
HW: Study vocab; Flashcards due Tuesday 11/28

7thQTR: The students practiced numbers 0-100
HW: Study vocab; Flashcards due Tuesday 11/28

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!


Downloads List

6th Grade Syllabus [8/24/2017]
7th EXT: ¿Cómo son...? Practice [11/15/2017]
7th EXT: SER + Adjectives practice [11/13/2017]
7th Grade Extension Syllabus [8/24/2017]
7th Grade QTR - Remind [10/29/2017]
7th Grade Quarter Syllabus [10/29/2017]
8th - Ch. 2 Speaking Handout [11/10/2017]
8th - Gustar Practice Sentences [11/3/2017]
8th - SER + Adjectives Notes [11/10/2017]
8th Grade - Gustar Notes [10/24/2017]
8th Grade Syllabus [8/24/2017]
SER Notes [9/25/2017]
Subject Pronouns Day 1 [10/23/2017]
Subject Pronouns Day 2 [10/23/2017]


Cool Links

7th Grade - Days/Months vocab on Quizlet

7th Grade - Numbers, Alphabet, Dates vocab on Quizlet

7th Grade -- Greetings Vocab on Quizlet

7th Grade QTR - Remind

8th Grade - 1.1 Vocab on Quizlet

8th Grade - 1.2 vocab on Quizlet

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