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Sean Bouck - 6th Grade  (Send e-mail)

Team 6A

Mrs. Bohms-ELA
Mrs. Bouck-ELA
Ms. Hogan-Math
Mrs. Jeglinski-Math
Mrs. Nemeth-Science
Mrs. O'Hea-ELA
Mrs. Sandowski-Social Studies
Mrs. Sayles-Math

This week in class

September 18th

Finish your classwork from today:
Read pages 91-99
Complete the last two boxes on the Point of View chart that we did today! Follow the teacher model!

(Students had time to work in class and many have already read ahead, so they do not have to read, they just need to finish the chart!)

September 19th

-Finish reading Part 2: Via
-Find one piece of evidence where Via tells the readers her thoughts and/or feelings. Stick your post it on the evidence.
-Elaborate on the post it in 3-5 sentences: What's the situation? What does the reader learn about Via?

September 20th

Finish classwork from today:
-Read Summer pages 124-132.
-Complete Point of View evidence and elaboration chart.

Bring headphones tomorrow and Friday for Fastbridge testing!

September 21st

NewsELA due next Thursday, 9/28
Article is in student binder
Students need to take the quiz and highlight and annotate for each question. The annotations need to be 3-5 sentences in length.

September 22nd

Today we started a compare/contrast writing on reading to self vs. listening to the audio. We used pages 133-135. We will continue working on this in class on Monday and Tuesday. Students should not complete any of this at home as they are still learning the steps.

Students should complete the NewsELA assignment from yesterday-it is due Thursday, September 28th.

The students will have a summative on point of view on Wednesday! There is nothing to "study" for. They are skills we have been practicing.


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Point of View Summative


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