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Teacher Patricia Bertucci - First Grade  (Send e-mail)


In conjunction with our cup stacking tournament. Grand Prairie will be holding a Canned Food Drive from January 22nd-February 8th. Please consider donating a canned good. All of our donations will benefit the Frankfort Food Pantry. If everyone donates 1 can, we will collect 811 cans. Share what you "can." Thank you!

Welcome to the 2017-18 school year!! You will find helpful information and upcoming dates posted on this site. We have 22 fantastic students in our class this year. We have 10 boys and 12 girls. We have amazing things happening in our room every day.
Please check my web page WEEKLY! I will attach a weekly newsletter to my web page at the end of each week. Please check the web page for upcoming dates as well as important reminders. I will send out emails to communicate as well as texts on Remind 101. If you have not signed up please do so. The information is in the download section of this web page.

**Take home folders will come home each day. They will contain important notes and your child's school work. Please be sure to check and empty the folder each night. Any notes or information that you need to send to me should also be put in the Take-Home-Folder. I personally check each folder every morning.

**Yellow Fluency bags need to go home each night. Check and have your child read books in there, along with sight words, and any math items. Please try to log on to Zearn each night. Each day the yellow fluency bag NEEDS to come back to school. We use the books for reading groups.

Our school works on a TIGER schedule. Please refer to the TIGER Day schedule for our class. The letters are for days we are in school only.
T Days--P.E. 10:45-11:15
Art with Mrs. Corkery 1:30-2:05
I Days--P.E. 10:45-11:15
G Days--P.E. 10:45-11:15
ELC with Mrs. Winkler 12:50-1:25
Technology with Mrs. Borden 1:30-2:05
E Days--P.E. 10:45-11:15
Music with Mrs. Turnbough 1:30-2:05
R Days--P.E. 10:45-11:15

Lunch is from 12:05-12:25 each day. You are welcome to have lunch with your child any day. Grandparents or any other special guest is also welcome to come have lunch with your child.
Please see our newsletter for our "I Can's" for this week:

What is an "I Can" statement?
You will noticed posted in our classroom are "I Can" statements. You will also see these on my newsletter. An "I Can" statement is a simplified sentence based off of the Common Core learning standards. These simplified sentence help the students understand their learning targets for the week. Each week your child reads our "I Can" statements to help them become more responsible for their learning and more reflective on their own work.

2nd quarter I can statements


I can ask and answer questions about key details in an informational text.

I can ask and answer questions to determine the meaning of a word in a book (context clues).

With prompting and support, I can read informational texts appropriate for grade 1.

I can ask and answer questions about key details in a text.

I can explain the difference between fiction and nonfiction text.

With prompting and support, I can read poetry and prose.


I can write informative/explanatory pieces about a topic with facts about the topic and a sense of closure.

With guidance and support, I can use technology to
create and publish writing.

I can share in the research and writing of an informational piece with a sequence of events.

With guidance and support, I can recall information or
gather information to answer a question.


I can count to 120. I can read and write numbers less than 120. I can understand a ten is the same as ten ones.

I can understand the numbers 11-19 are a ten and some ones. I can understand that multiples of tens are groups of tens and no ones.

I can represent and solve word problems involving
addition and subtraction within 10.

I can use objects, drawings and equations to solve word problems with three whole numbers, whose sum is equal to or less than 20.
I can apply the commutative and associative property to add and subtract.

I can solve problems with missing addends using the
relationship between addition and subtraction.

I can add and subtract within 20 by counting

I can solve addition and subtraction problems and
identify the whole number.


This week in class

Today is an R day!
P.E. with Mr. Seibert!

Today is a T day.
100th day of school
You can dress like you are 100 today!
P.E. with Mr. Seibert
Art with Mrs. Corkery
1st Grade Cup Stacking Tournament after School today!

Today is an I day.
P.E. with Mr. Seibert

Today is a G day
Last Day for Food Pantry Collection
Wear Red, White and Blue (for the USA Olympians)
FSP Lunch today
P.E. with Mr. Seibert 10:45-11:15
Library with Mrs. Winkler--Send in library books
Technology with Mrs. Borden.
Dear Mrs. Bertucci Letter Due today!

Today is an E Day
FSP Smoothies
P.E. with Mr. Seibert
Music with Mrs. Turnbough.
Enjoy the weekend!!


Important Dates

Stack the Pantry collection begins at school for the Frankfort Food Pantry

157c Night Out at Chicago Wolves

100th Day of School (if no snow days!!)

1st Grade Speed Stack Tournament after school

FSP hot lunch

Wear Red White and Blue for Team USA the Olympians

FSP Smoothie Day

Spirit Wear Day

Popsicle Day ($1.00)

Athletic Boosters hot lunch

Teacher Institute--no school for students

Happy Birthday Gabriel!!!

Happy Birthday Lawson!!!

Happy Birthday Phoebe!!

Happy Birthday Julianna!!!

Happy Birthday Juliana!!!


Downloads List

Around the World flier [2/5/2018]
Bertucci Newsletter 1-26-18 [1/26/2018]
Bertucci Newsletter 2-2-18 [2/2/2018]
Box Tops Sheet [9/24/2012]
Casino Night!!! [2/5/2018]
Food Pantry letter for 2018 [1/19/2018]
Remind 101 Parent instructions [8/14/2017]
WTW letter to parents from Mrs. Nelson [11/25/2013]
WTW Research [11/25/2013]


Cool Links

24 high frequency words song

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Alphebet Song--Phonics 2

Big Numbers Video--Helps with counting to 100

Fun Brain

Go Noodle--movement breaks and exercising--make your own account

Into the Book

ixl math--math concepts and games

Pete the Cat website with free songs and games

Raz kids--Mrs. Bertucci's students roster

Storyline Online--stories read to students

Teen numbers

Vowel Bat Music Video--good for vowel sounds

We are the Alphabet

World Book online (username fsd157c Password: tigers)

xtra Math--fluency practice for math facts

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