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Teacher Kristi Spengler - Math Support  (Send e-mail)

Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year! I am very excited to work with the students to increase their number sense, build fact fluency, and to support the second grade math curriculum.

We are working hard to build Number Sense. The children gain Number Sense when they have a good "feel" for numbers and their relationships.

Fact Practice daily is highly beneficial for the children. Here at school, the children work on a computer program called Fast Math everyday. The classroom teachers also present a fact mini lesson that focuses on fact strategies.

We ask that each child practice their math facts for 15-20 min daily. Please have your child work on daily and or use flash cards, and math games that will be sent home from your child's classroom teacher.

During the week of Jan. 25, the 2nd Graders will begin working on two digit subtraction with regrouping.


This week in class

This week, we are focusing on word problems. The students are encouraged to circle numbers or number words. Also, to underline "Key Words." Then, write an equation/Number Sentence. We also will make "Smart" Charts to help us know which operation to use.





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