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Teacher Karyn Hermes - Kindergarten  (Send e-mail)

Welcome to Kindergarten!! I am so excited to start the new year with all of you. Please feel free to email me or call me if you have any questions or concerns.

Please check my web page WEEKLY! I will attach a monthly newsletter to my web page at the beginning of each month. My primary form of communication with you will be on my web page and email. I will update my web page weekly, as well as send important information and reminders of upcoming events through email.

~Take-Home Folders will come home each day. They will contain important notes and your child's school work. Please be sure to check and empty the folder each night. Any notes or information that you need to send to me should also be put in the Take-Home Folder. I personally check each folder every morning.

Our school works on what we call a TIGER schedule . Therefore, our specials do NOT occur every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc... Instead, they will fall on a T, I, G, E, or R day. When we have a day off of school, it will not be a letter day. The letters are for days that we are in school only.

Here is our TIGER schedule for the 2017-2018 school year.

T Art
I Music
G Library
R Computers

~We have PE everyday from 12:45-1:15pm. Please be sure your child wears or has gym shoes at school each day.

Lunch 11:20-11:40am
Recess 11:40-12:00pm

I CAN statements are simple sentences designed from Common Core Standards. They are written in student-friendly language. I CAN statements break down learning objectives into actions that students can read, understand and perform. In our class, I CAN statements are posted in front of the room and are read daily. This helps students to understand the expectations, become more responsible for their learning and more reflective of their work.

I canís for Quarter 4

I can hear, say, and write words that rhyme.
I can spell words with long and short vowels.
I can tell you letters that are different in words that I read.
I can tell you two meanings for a word I know (ex: duck: bird or to get down, move out of the way)
I can tell you the meaning of a word when I add these endings: -ed,-s, -ful, -less
I can tell you the meaning of a word when I add these beginnings (affixes: re-, un-, pre-)

I can read a story and tell you what it is about.
I can understand and use questions words (who, what, when, where, why, and how)
I can ask and answer questions about key details in a book.
I can ask and answer questions to find the meaning of a word in a book.
I can recognize different types of text (poetry, storybooks).
I can compare and contrast what happens to characters in stories Iíve heard.

Reading Informational:
I can ask and answer questions about key details in a book.
I can tell you the reasons an author uses details in a book.
I can tell you similarities and differences between two books.

I can use drawings and writing to name a topic and tell something about it.
I can improve my writing by adding details with help from an adult and friends.
I can participate in a group project and write and tell about a favorite author and their stories (express opinions).
I can use different technology with help from adults and friends to create and publish writing.

I can count to 100n by ones.
I can start counting with any number.
I can write numbers to show how many.
I can write numbers 0-20.
I can say the number as I count each object.
I can show how the numbers 11-19 are made of tens and more ones.
I can build and draw shapes.
I can put shapes together to make another shape.

I can use observations to describe patterns of what plants and animals(including humans) need to survive.
I can use a model to represent a relationship between the needs of different plants or animals (including humans) and the places they live.
I can communicate solutions that will reduce the impact of humans on the land, water, and air and/or living things in the local environment.

This week in class

May 28, 2018
No School

May 29, 2018
I day: Music & PE
Island Hopping day: Wear your Hawaiian gear as we travel to different islands throughout GP
Classroom camp out begins ~ bring your blanket, stuffed animal and flashlight with you today.

May 30, 2018
G day: Library & PE
Gum/Game day: bring 1 piece of gum and your favorite board game!

May 31, 2018
E day: PE
Exercise day: wear your exercise clothes and get ready to exercise!

June 1, 2018
R day: Computers & PE
Read across GP day: we will read with buddies from another community!


Important Dates

No School - Memorial Day

Last day of school - 11:25 dismissal


Downloads List

2017-2018 Daily Schedule [8/24/2017]
Box Top Sheet [5/25/2016]
Curriculum Night Power Point [8/24/2017]
Hermes May Newsletter [5/7/2018]
High Frequency Words 2017 [8/15/2017]
TIGER Schedule 2017-2018 [8/15/2017]
Words Their Way Parent Letter [12/5/2016]


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